Drug addiction is a neurological disorder that affects the reward system in the brain. A reward system is actually a group of behaviors that are essential for survival such as eating, drinking, sex and social interaction. drugs abuse can destroy the reward system of the human brain, turning the person's natural needs like eating, drinking into drugs needs. Today, I shall talk about the 5 most dangerous street drugs and their impacts.

5. Heroin

At number 5, we have the world's oldest drug. During the last decade, heroin use has grown at a faster rate than other illegal drugs.

One of the most dangerous things about heroin is that one dose is enough to get you addicted for life. According to the Foundation For A Drug-Free World, Over 10 million people in the world take heroin. Now, what about the impacts? It's a pretty well-known fact that heroin abuse causes horrific brain damage and users will gradually move towards death.

4. Crack Cocaine

Cocaine comes in two forms - one is a powder form and another is crack cocaine that has been mixed with water and baking soda. Crack Cocaine was revealed in the 1980's when cocaine became a wide spread commodity. If we focus on the recent survey it shows, that an estimated 7.5 million people have used cocaine at least once in their life.

However, when crack cocaine is smoked, it travels through the blood up to the brain much faster than normal cocaine which is snorted. The impacts of Crack Cocaine vary from person to person depending on their length and intensity of abuse. In addition, the long term crack effects are restlessness, mood changes, irritability and terror of impending death.

3.Crystal Meth

Crystal Methamphetamine is made from a substance called amphetamine, It is a synthetic stimulant that affects the central nervous system. More than 50 million people use amphetamine and meth around the world and the most common form of Crystal Meth is a small pill called 'Yaba' in Thailand and 'Shabu' in the Philippines.

Crystal Meth addicts people suffer from meth-mouth, rotten teeth, and collapsed jaws. In long-term users, it will cause brain damage and damage to the blood vessels as well.

2. Scopolamine

At number 2 we have Scopolamine, which is a derivative form of the nightshade plant found in South America. It is tasteless and odorless powder, which is blown into victim's face, immediately suppressing their free will and blocking memories from forming. The Nazis and CIA used this drug during World War 2 and the Cold War for truth serum during interrogations. It can also cause hallucinations and respiratory failure and the victims are under control of their assailant.

1. Krokodil

Krokodil is Russia's deadliest drug and over one million Russian are addicted to this drug.

This drug is cheaper and more dangerous than the other illegal drugs because it is often homemade. According to Dr. Frank LoVecchio, the acidity of the chemicals causes gangrene to your body's skin and eats your flesh from the inside.