Diana Rangaves is a woman who wears many hats, and some of those hats are meant for good things. Diana is an accomplished writer, editor, teacher, a pharmacist, and she is the Senior Website Health Editor for two well established medical sites. But, writing is the love and passion that drives her. Diana recently published a 12-book series for children called “The Adventures of Rosey Posy Papillon”. This series will do more than help children discover the joys of reading, it will help find homeless papillons dogs homes.

Her writing and using it to help

Diana loves to write in all different genres. She has written academic articles, in medical pharmaceutical books, and scholastic publications to help teach people all over the world through written word. In a private interview, the author reveals insight into the lighting of her early fire and how she keeps it lit.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

“In grammar school, we are assigned book reports. I loved reading new books and writing about them. During the summers, my mother took me to the local library Summer Reading Club. That was the baby steps!”

How long does it take you to write a book?

“From one month to five years! There is no timetable for inspiration and quality.

The key is never, never to give up. Persistence pays! “

What is your work schedule like when you're writing?

“Early morning is for reflecting and writing key ideas, words, and concepts. The physical writing is in the afternoon. Truly, sometimes I wake up at 2 am and write!”

What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

“By using an old family Webster's dictionary hard cover book. When I am stuck I open it randomly and let my eyes gaze down the pages. When my eyes stop on a word that is the key word to reflect and build the writing up on!”

How do books get published?

“For now, I have used a legitimate publisher. I like the collaboration and teamwork.

We each build on the each other's energy and positive attitudes!”

Where do you get your information or ideas for your books?

“Honestly, I write from what I know.”

Her latest endeavor with Pap Haven Rescue

One of Diana’s loves is her dogs.They are like her children with their unconditional love and affection. In honor of them and her love of writing, she wrote a 12-book series called “The Adventures of Rosey Posy Papillon” and 100% of the author royalties will go to benefit Pap Haven Rescue.

The series is written to help teach children the basic morals of life, like friendship and its’ importance in our lives. The twelve books, that were published in April 2017, are titled after the different morals that underlie the story.

There is “Friendship”, “Kindness”, “Acceptance”, “Encouragement”, “Intention”, “Commitment”, “I Miss You”, “Appreciation”, “Disappointment”, “Respect”, “Persistence”, and “Love”.

All the royalties are going to Pap Haven Rescue. This organization (with whom Diana is a papillon foster mom) is a network of people dedicated to helping homeless and abused papillons. They provide vet car, spay/neutering services, foster parent until time of adoption, and any other rehab services they may need.

This is a beautiful showing of how writing can help teach and rescue all different species. These are the kind of acts we need in the world everyday so we remember how great this world actually is and how many people actually care.