Being a kid of the 1990's was really fun. It was a TIME when seatbelts weren't necessary and where you could ride your bike without wearing a helmet. It was the time of boy and girl bands in pop music. Most importantly, it was the time of amazing after school television shows that are still known and loved to this day.

Recently, many of the old TV sitcoms we grew up watching have come to do a spin off or continue. One example of this is Fuller House which is returning for a third season now, as discussed in this article 'Fuller House' renewed....

Another revived sitcom is the upcoming show Roseanne releasing a season in 2018, as discussed in this article 'Roseanne' reboot...

Here are the 3 best television shows of the 1990's, besides Roseanne:

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

This show began in the year 1990 and was on television until 1996. It starred the famous Will Smith as a high school player who had just moved to the rich Bel Air suburbs to live with his Uncle Phillip Banks (James Avery) and his family. It began an acting career for the famous Raven Simone. Tyra Banks also made a guest appearance on the show. The theme song was amazing, I (and I am sure many of you who also grew up way back then) still have it memorized.

In case you didn't have the theme song in your head from reading this article, you do now!

Will basically played himself in the comedy after-school show. His working class ways created many issues in his new high class lifestyle. He was a smooth-talking player who just wanted to have fun and really didn't judge anyone while his family seemed to judge everyone who was around him. By the end of the sitcom, they seemed to have learned a lot from each other.

Will learned how to be more intelligent and have better goals in life. His family learned that life isn't all about money and possessions and sometimes it is okay to have some fun too!

I wouldn't be able to write an article mentioning this sitcom, however, without mentioning one of the most widely understood jokes about it...the Carlton dance.

Carlton was Will's cousin in the show, Uncle Phil's son. He was nerdy but he looked up to Will who taught him how to get with girls and be cool. However, the one thing Will never could teach him was how to dance. Now, that may be because Carlton already knew how to dance! You be the judge...

We enjoyed watching Will Smith and his family grow up on Television. We also enjoy seeing Smith as the amazing movie star he is today! Because of that, this has to be the ultimate sitcom of the '90's!

Saved By the Bell

Everyone who grew up in the '90's remembers either swooning over Zack Morris or Kelly Kapowski. Although this TV series began in 1989, it lasted until 1993. However, they did a TV Series entitled Saved By the Bell: The College Years that lasted from 1993-1994 and reruns continued to play throughout my childhood and teenage years.

I think it is safe to say almost every little girl had a crush on Mark-Paul Gosselaar...better known as Zack Morris. He was good-looking, he was a smooth-talker, he could get away with anything...and he had a smile that could make a girl go weak in the knees. He and his friends: the famous Screech (played by Dustin Diamond), Jessie Spano (Elizabeth Berkley), Lisa Turtle (Lark Voorhies), Ac. Slater (Mario Lopez), all grow up going to Bayside High with their hilarious principal Mr. Belding (Dennis Haskins) following them around and trying to find out what tricks they have up their sleeves or what prank they are pulling next.

Oh, and did I mention the theme song to this sitcom was also amazing? Here...have a listen!

The characters were very relatable and went through problems most middle-class high school students face. It is now considered an educational show. It is the second best sitcoms from the 1990's...and that may or not be because of how cute Zack Morris is.

Boy Meets World

Boy Meets World was the definition of an after-school special that began airing in 1993 and lasted until the year 2000. The sitcom touched on topics that weren't usually discussed in sitcoms such as sex and birth control, growing up without a father (Sean's character), and even adult issues. The show was a great way to snuggle on the couch with your family and enjoy some humor while learning about social situations from all walks of life.

It, too, had an amazing theme song, which changed with every season. There is a compilation of the theme songs on YouTube. Of course I will share it with you!

The characters were easy to love. You had the Matthews Family:

  • Corey Matthews (Ben Savage)
  • Amy Matthews (Betsy Randle)
  • Alan Matthews (William Russ)
  • Eric Matthews (Will Friedle)
  • Morgan Matthews (Lily Nicksay, Lindsay Ridgeway)

The show also included characters such as Corey's girlfriend Topanga Lawrence (Danielle Fishel) who may have been every boy's first crush at the time; and Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong). Also, who could forget about Mr. Feeny (William Daniels).

If you were lucky enough to be born in the mid 1980's, you would've grown up watching the Matthew's family and their middle son Corey as he grows up through middle school, high school then attends college.

Corey and Topanga were everyone's dream childhood relationship and we all sat, glued to the television screens, hoping and praying that they would end up together! Did they? Well, you will have to watch the series and see! I do not do spoilers!

Our childhoods were molded by shows such as these. I feel they deserved to be mentioned in an article. Besides, it is fun to remember these old theme songs and giggle to ourselves about our favourite funny moment. What were your favourite shows from the 90's? Do any of these 3 shows make your top 3 list?