The release of IPhone X, announced in September and then extended to November 3, is still suffering from production delays. As a consequence of the delays, large-scale availability will probably be in 2018. Meanwhile, the production of the new Apple mobile phone model which expectations and demands are at stratospheric levels, is overwhelmed by a scandal. Six Chinese students have told the Financial Times that they have been forced to work illegally for the main supplier of the Cupertino company, Foxconn, at the Zhengzhou factory in china.

The students have illegally worked overtime

According to the British newspaper, the six boys are part of a group of 3,000 students from 17 to 19 who have agreed to undergo an apprenticeship within Foxconn. They would be forced by their school, the Zhengzhou Urban Rail Transit School, to do this work experience, though not relevant to their study path, as necessary to obtain the diploma. The aggravating circumstance is that they would be forced to work eleven hours when Chinese law prohibits overtime hours for the stages, limiting working hours at 40 a week. Regarding the nature of the activity, one of the six students claims to have assembled 1,200 cameras a day, definitely, an impressive amount of work.

The intensive use of this additional workforce could be linked, as many think, to the need to face production delays that may compromise timely arrival of the new iPhone model into markets.

Apple responds an investigation will be opened.

Responding to the request for clarification by the Financial Times, Apple has declared that an investigation will be opened and said it will take action on the issue of overtime but has also specified that the students have freely chosen to work with Foxconn and that they have been paid, with access to benefits.

As a matter of fact, it seems that the use of students as additional workforce during the months of heavy load, (August to December,) is a consolidated habit, albeit decreasing in recent years.

In this period the workforce increase is from 100,000 to 300,000, with the consequent capacity to produce 20,000 mobile phones every day.

In a note subsequently disclosed to the press, Apple has stated that it is committed to ensuring that the dignity and respect of workers are guaranteed throughout the supply chain. Foxconn has declared that stages are part of a program defined agreement with Chinese local institutions and professional schools.