The past decade or so has seen tremendous growth in the global business investment climate and most of the leading markets have proven too saturated or overcrowded. With continuous innovation and development of new products and services, Africa has shown itself to be an attractive destination for the New generation Business Investor.

What is Africa's niche in the Global Investment Marketplace?

Of particular interest has been Investments in the Tech and Services sectors, where Africa has been jostling to take a piece of the cake from other seasoned traditional destinations like Latin America, South East Asia, and Eastern Europe.

Most African countries and regions have, over the past few years, focused on developing the required infrastructure, while also developing the human capital necessary to be competitive.

Another huge leap for these countries also includes more favorable business climates, political maturity, attractive ease of doing business, business-friendly labor, legal, compliance and tax regimes. In the recent World Bank ease of doing business rankings, most African countries and regions that have previously not featured in the rankings have made huge leaps. Some of them even getting ranked in the top 100 desired destinations. Some of the countries of great focus and interest for the New age Global investors include countries like Kenya, Rwanda, Malawi, Botswana and the Traditional desired destinations like Egypt, South Africa and most of the North African countries.

Taking into consideration, the competitiveness of the Africa destinations vis a vis former destinations of interest; Africa is steadily becoming a desirable choice, especially for the risk-averse New age global Investor.

What does Africa need to do to finally take its place at the Table?

One of the biggest obstacles for the renaissance of the African giant is a consolidation of the continental market, in the same way, the South-American market, and the South East Asia Market is consolidated.

If this is achieved by the various African Trade blocks (EAC, SADC, ECOWAS, MENA).

If Africa can accomplish this, it will finally be Africa's time to shine and take its place at the table, and maybe even grab the whole cake and run with it. The Natural resources Africa is endowed with would only but help to enhance the competitiveness of the continent.

This can be used as an extra value addition for attraction and can be used to place Africa in a social, leisure and entertainment perspective.

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