The U.S. Stock Market Today is experiencing selling pressure with all 3 major indices (Dow Jones, S&P 500 and Nasdaq) falling compared to yesterday's closing prices. It will be a short-trading week until Thursday, as this Friday is Good Friday and U.S. financial markets will be closed. Here are some of the stocks in the headlines today. Not all news relates to fundamental announcements though, which is interesting for business.

United Airlines and Disney stocks are very active today

united airlines stock is under severe selling pressure today, but not for any particular fundamental reason.

Actually the main reason is a video which gained publicity on social media and shows a man being removed with force out of an airplane as the flight was overbooked. This has gained negative publicity for United Airlines, and investors so far today decided to sell the stock.

Disney stock, however, is gaining today as Goldman Sachs reiterated a buy rating for the stock. It seems that investors are reacting positively to this announcement from the investment bank. It is advised, however, to perform individual analysis as well and not rely solely on upgrades or downgrades of specific stocks from financial institutions or brokerages. In other interesting financial news today, the legal dispute between Apple and Qualcomm continues, with the chipmaker now suing Apple.

Gold and oil prices move in different directions today

The stock market seems to have either a strong correlation on how it will move with major commodities or a weak one. There is no foolproof explanation to this, but today oil prices are declining as West Texas Intermediate price per barrel is currently at $52.85, down 0.43%, while gold is continuing to gain and is currently at $1,273 per ounce or +1.59%.

We are near the 1st quarter earnings season so investors could play it safe, waiting for the earnings to decide if now is the time to buy more stock or not.

A good and simple investing strategy is to invest based on your expectations. That means that if you are bullish on the stock market, then you could buy stocks on dips.

On the contrary, if you are bearish on the stock market for now, then you can sell stocks as they move higher. In any case this week will be short in terms of trading, but opportunities could appear as important earnings announcements from major banks will be released by the end of the week.