Whilst many traders have been focussed upon Bitcoin’s recent establishment of new all-time Highs (of approximately 5 percent greater than the previous highs,) Dash has quietly smashed its previous price record by over 100 percent. Currently trading at approximately $39 USD, Dash has been one of 2017's best performing cryptocurrencies.

The price of Dash has quadrupled since December 2016

The total market cap of Dash right now is $275 million USD, giving it the third largest market cap out of all cryptocurrencies (behind Bitcoin and Ethereum.) The positive momentum in price has seemed to gain endless strength following a string of news regarding positive fundamental developments.

Two major cryptocurrency hardware wallet manufacturers (TREZOR and KeepKey) have adopted Dash compatibility. Dash’s chief developers and engineers have also established a new headquarters situated at Arizona State University’s SkySong Innovation Center.

Dash has also released an extremely well-received software update in the form of Sentinel - which serves as a precursor to their highly anticipated decentralized payment network ‘Evolution’, which is currently scheduled for release towards the end of 2017.

Dash offers greater privacy and speed than Bitcoin

Dash offers a number of simple yet powerful functions that Bitcoin, the world’s first a largest cryptocurrency network, does not. Dash offers greater privacy to its users than Bitcoin, through a clever and unique innovation called ‘PrivateSend’.

PrivateSend automatically combines many different transactions into a single bundle - creating a digital record that shows only a single transaction with multiple different outputs. This prevents transactions from being traced directly, giving extreme privacy protection to its users.

Conducting transactions with Dash is also far quicker than with Bitcoin, owing to a unique solution to the cryptographic ‘double spend’ solution that does not incur the longer verification times required for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Transactions are verified by Masternodes, which are very similar to the standard nodes employed within Bitcoin, except an individual is provided with financial remuneration for hosting a Dash Masternode - creating the opportunity for passive income in exchange for helping to strengthen the Dash network.

Dash’s democratic decentralization

Dash was the world’s first ‘decentralized autonomous organization’ - meaning that decision-making power is distributed across the network, meaning that those individuals who are involved in Dash’s network have a direct say on the allocation of funds and development for new projects.

With Dash, anybody in the network is able to pitch the new ideas for projects directly to the cryptocurrency’s developers. These ideas are then voted on by individuals who are hosting masternodes - resulting in an innovative and democratic development process.

With Dash growing at a rate that is twice as fast as that which was achieved by Bitcoin. With more exciting innovations set for release before 2018, there is a strong potential for further growth within the near-term