What does it take to lead a behavioral science center in Ogilvy? According to its global chairman, Carla Hendra, it takes "expertise". In a press release informing of the launch of the Ogilvy Center for Behavioural Science, Carla explained, "Behavioral science will create a real edge for us in the marketplace." Ogilvy & Mather appointed Christopher Graves, who has spent 12 years in the agency, for the roles of president and founder of the center. Prior to this decision, the advertising and marketing PR agency Ogilvy & Mather had announced that their new chapter, Ogilvy USA, will go live in April.

What's wrong with being right?

After doing his homework for 8 plus years, Christopher Graves has finally come up with a way for people who aren't practicing scientists to use the key findings. He and his team were busy working on AMOS, a tool named after Amos Tversky - a prominent figure in behavioral economics. Graves' findings pointed him in the brilliant behavioral science can help non-scientist: instead of targeting people, understanding them works better. The Ogilvy Center for Behavioral Science will start its baby steps this first quarter.

How 'understanding' will scale

Ogilvy was founded by David Ogilvy some 69 years ago.

The agency is known most for being part of one of the largest marketing and communications companies in the world, the WPP Group. The agency now has 6 subsidiaries focusing on areas of specialties. In the grand scheme of things, what the Ogilvy Center for Behavioral Science will be providing is a board of scientific "advisors and partners" that specialize in behavior change to work with Graves' direction.

He had cautioned that this is "not a niche" par excellence, but something that can increase the effectiveness for everything within Ogilvy.

Ogilvy's culture of teaching and learning

Ogilvy & Mather is now beginning to make it known that it aims for perfection, or harmony. Starting February 2016, the company's website started to reference its founder's philosophy of company culture.

David Ogilvy had written the ideals for Ogilvy & Mather, the manifesto of what he wanted to achieve within his company. The Ogilvy Center for Behavioural Science's first task is to introduce its new cognitive and behavioral insights, "Brand, Brain, Behavior, and Bias" to Ogilvy's traditionally preserved company culture and legendary expertise.

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