Scottish brewery Brewdog, the maker of the award-winning Punk IPA, has announced their plans to build the DogHouse in Columbus, Ohio, on their 42-acre site located just 10 miles from downtown Columbus. The world's first Beer-focused hotel will not only feature BrewDog's new on-site Sour Beer brewery, but it will also have beer-themed, state-of-the-art features: a beer-filled hot tub, craft beer spa, beer fridge in each shower, and a craft beer tap serving their award-winning Punk IPA. For breakfast, guests will have more beer, as they are served the DogHouse's special beer-infused breakfast.

About BrewDog and their beers

Beer lovers and beer makers might have known BrewDog from their previously successful End of History campaign that brought us $20,000 beer stored inside of dead squirrels. The BrewDog team members started out as just two men, Martin and James, plus their dog when they were starting out in a shed in the north east of Scotland in 2007. They put their money into their project and now they've added more and more people to their team, opened 44 bars, and launched their first Equity for Punks USA. Their beers have won gold medals at the World Beer Cups and the World Beer Awards. They have been made available in limited quantities in the US since 2008.

Launching the DogHouse, with backers

Their ambitious plan for DogHouse Hotel & Brewery is currently in the works. According to their Indiegogo campaign page, BrewDog wanted to create "the top craft beer destination on the planet." Along with their team of at least 540 employees, James Watt and Martin Dickie saw a huge opportunity for their beers in the Mid-West.

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They received a $6M incentive package from the city and state, and they're currently in the process of raising $75,000 to make their dream a reality.

At the time of this writing, BrewDog's Indiegogo's campaign page shows that their Craft Beer Hotel & Sour Beer Facility campaign has raised their goal and more, $132,229 from 859 backers.

Equity for Punks

James Watt was named Scottish Entrepreneur of the Year three times, and he also won the Great Britain Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2015. James and Beer Pirate Martin host their beer television show "BrewDogs." Their show is broadcast in the US by the Esquire Network. The Equity for Punks is their investment model that has amassed 55,000 shareholders over four global rounds. Although their Indiegogo campaign has raised enough funding for the project to kick start, the Equity for Punks USA round is still receiving investments. BrewDog will open their pubs in any city in the US, as long as there are at least 500 equity punk investors backing each project.