Santa Rosa, California is investing over a million dollars to add #solar energy systems to its downtown parking structures. A San Jose California firm is contracted to handle that project. Once completed, the solar arrays will produce nearly half a million kilowatts and pay for itself from savings on electricity in just over a decade, while reducing the city's carbon footprint.

The country of Scotland has also demonstrated the feasibility of green technology by now supplying over fifty per cent of their energy requirements from zero carbon sources.

The solar power industry is set to grow exponentially there as an ever-increasing percentage of new solar farms are projected for continued development through 2017.

When Bloomberg speaks

According to #Bloomberg writer Kessenides, in early November, 2016 mega corporation Walmart committed to reducing its share of greenhouse gases by pledging to obtain half of its power from renewables. The business magazine goes on to note that over half of Fortune 100 companies have in effect renewable energy or climate change policies. By supplanting fossil fuel-based energy systems with clean solar installations, each new project helps bring the world to a brighter future by leading it away from unsustainable technologies.

Solar energy to the rescue

The burgeoning growth of the field of #solar energy will continue to be ripe for the picking. It is only going to get bigger as more improved solar energy systems are introduced and deployed. That means more jobs in the growing green energy sector that will continue to come online. The word is out about the booming solar industry that is changing how the world gets its energy.

As the effects of climate change continue to ravage areas throughout the globe with ever more severe weather events, the pressing need for stepped up efforts to reduce the disastrous consequences of mankind's excessive amounts of greenhouse gas emissions borders upon an international crisis.

That is why green technology and sustainable energy are seeing huge investments by private industry and federal, state, and city governments.

Initiatives are now regularly put through seeking to cut fossil fuel use and replace the current carbon belching technologies like coal and gasoline with clean solar energy systems for home, office, and industry.