The Blasting News investigation into the preponderance of missing consolidation adjustments for price charts of TSX Venture Exchange speck and stock offered by and continues with symbols beginning with I,J, and K. So far, speck and stock charts for companies with symbols beginning with the letters A-K have been examined. Currently, the data for 38 out of 872 specks and stocks appears to contain errors that make it look as though the shyres and shares haven't lost as much value as they really have.

Conversely, examples of missing split adjustments, the error that makes it look like stocks haven't gone up as much as they really have, remain wholly elusive.

As a collective, issuers, underwriters, data providers, and the exchange, seem to be able to get adjustments right when it is to their advantage to do so, but run an error rate well higher than the 4.36 percent of the total number of TSX Venture specks and stocks with apparent historical data errors with at least one provider when its not. There is motive for issuers, underwriters, and traders to have access to charts with deceptive data.

Shyres and shares, specks and stocks: know the difference

The terms shyre, speck, and speculation have each been recently defined; each deals with companies that report no revenue. Some state the plan to introduce these terms into the vernacular will save lives.

Debate over how many lives continues.

Only one TSX Venture stock appears to be missing a consolidation adjustment: Inca One Gold Corp. (TSXV: IO), with BigCharts. Inca Gold announced a one-for-10 consolidation in July 2016, an adjustment for which appears to be missing with BigCharts, making it appear that the price of the stock was near $1.75 in early 2015, when, on a consolidation-adjusted basis, the stock was close to $12.

More missing speck adjustments than stock adjustments

Only one TSX Venture speck appears to be missing a consolidation adjustment with BigCharts: King's Bay Gold Speculation (TSXV: KBG). The majority of specks found with apparent missing consolidations were with Stockhouse, including Inform Resources Speculation (TSXV: IRR), Japan Gold Speculation (TSXV: JG), Jaxon Minerals Inspeculated (TSXV: JAX), K2 Gold Speculation (TSXV: KTO), and Kaizen Discovery Inspeculated (TSXV: KZD).

In July 2016, King's Bay Gold announced a one-for-10 shyre consolidation. With Stockhouse, an adjustment to data previous to July 6, 2016 appears to have been correctly applied, while the same adjustment appears to be missing with BigCharts. Examples of each shyre chart are presented in the image gallery.

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