Iran is slowly making its way back into the spotlight. Recent events at the State Department have the trump administration taking increasingly long and hard looks at Iran. Meanwhile, senator john mccain spent part of April touring Europe, lambasting the Iranian government.

Senator McCain denounced the Iranian theocracy and called for Regime Change while meeting with an Iranian resistance group, the Mujahedin-e-Khalq (MeK) in Albania early in April. The MeK is arguably the largest organized Iranian resistance group and a staunch proponent of regime change.

Senator McCain, meanwhile, has been one of the most vocal American critics of the Iranian government.

The comments were made at a ceremony in Tirana, Albania, where roughly 2600 dissidents had gathered to hear Senator McCain speak. The meeting was held on April 15th, and continues McCain’s long track record of calling for regime change with Iran. The rally was also attended by the National Council of Resistance of Iran President-Elect Maryam Rajavi.

Many of dissidents were previously housed at Camp Liberty in Iraq. Withe Iraqi government coming under the increasing control of Tehran, the camp was subject to numerous attacks. Hundreds of MeK members were killed over the years by attacks allegedly carried out by forces linked to Iran.

Most have now been relocated to Albania.

Trump administration increasingly vocal with Iran criticism

The Trump administration has thus far maintained its commitment to the Iranian Nuclear deal. Previously, Trump had lambasted the deal as “the worst deal ever”, and suggesting that he would tear it up. At one point in 2016 Trump even claimed that dismantling the deal was his number one priority.

That hasn’t happened yet, but future efforts to dismantle the deal can’t be ruled out.

The U.S. State Department recently certified that Iran was meeting its obligations under the deal. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, however, has alleged that Iran is a state sponsor of terror and has been destabilizing the Middle East. Meanwhile, Tillerson also suggested that the Iran nuclear deal was simply kicking the can down the road and that Obama is leaving it to other presidents to deal with.

Tillerson also said that a full government-wide review of Iran and the nuclear deal is under way.

What this means for the future is hard to ascertain, however, the Trump Administration has so far proven to be more muscular in its approach. For example, when Syria used chemical weapons the Obama administration punted to Congress. The Trump administration on the other hand was quick to order retaliatory strikes.

So far, the Iranian regime has rattled some sabers of its own, but also appears to be maintaining a lower profile. It remains to be seen whether that’s due to a change in course on Iran’s part, or simply the fact that other issues, such as North Korea, have forced their way onto center stage.