As of the latest app update, Niantic warns players to "not trespass while playing Pokémon GO." This message appears upon login and only disappears when players tap the "okay" button. This comes in the wake of a federal lawsuit against Niantic by Jeffrey Marder of New Jersey. He states that Niantic made "unauthorized use" of his property by placing PokeStops and Gyms nearby. Marder says players linger outside his home and have asked to enter his backyard while playing Pokémon GO.

What is considered trespassing in Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Gyms and PokeStops are located at various memorials and cultural landmarks in Pokémon Go.

Cemeteries, museums, post offices and churches are a few examples. Because of this, many players are trespassing on private property. Boon Sheridan's house - an old church - became a Gym when Pokémon Go was released. But Niantic was prompt and removed the gym within 48 hours of Sheridan's request.

Trespassing also includes walking in places like parks and cemeteries after dark. Police in Boise, Idaho have already responded to calls about players breaking park curfews. People playing Pokémon Go after dark in their neighborhoods have been mistaken for robbers. Though most Pokémon Go players mean well, many have been trespassing by mistake.

Pokémon Go app warns to avoid dangerous areas

Another pop-up warns players to "not enter dangerous areas while playing Pokémon Go." One rumor suggests that players can find Electric-type creatures near substations and power lines.

There are other dangers, such as not paying attention while crossing the street. And police officers, in general, are urging people not to play Pokémon Go while driving.

How can you be a safe Pokémon Go player?

What can you do to be a safer Pokémon Go player? Don't wander into someone else's yard (unless you have their permission).

Look into what time local parks and cemeteries "close" for the day. Don't enter areas with signs that warn against trespassing, like private property. And always be aware of your surroundings to avoid incidents while playing Pokémon Go.