The New England Patriots have been at the center of controversy following the release of an ESPN story providing details about an alleged feud between three of their central figures – team owner Robert Kraft, head coach Bill Belichick, and veteran quarterback Tom Brady. Seth Wickersham of ESPN reported that there was a struggle between the three on who will get the credit for the team’s success.

Also, Wickersham said Brady’s insistence to play until he’s the mid-40s created tension between Kraft and Belichick, who wanted to give backup Jimmy Garoppolo a chance to start.

However, Kraft allegedly ordered Belichick to trade Garoppolo after Brady expressed his intention to continue playing. Despite his objection, Belichick heeded Kraft’s order, trading Garoppolo to the San Francisco 49ers for a 2018 second-round pick.

Wickersham also detailed the alleged rift between Belichick and Brady’s long-time trainer and friend Alex Guerrero. Belichick reportedly stripped Guerrero of some team privileges, including boarding team flights and staying on the sideline during games. While Brady hasn’t directly spoken about it, Wickersham said that it could lead to a strain in the veteran quarterback’s relationship with his mentor, adding that it could force Belichick to leave the Patriots and accept a head-coaching job with the New York Giants.

Brady unsure if he’ll finish career with Patriots

After Kraft addressed the report, which he called as “total fabrication and fiction,” Brady spoke about it during an interview on Westwood One Radio with Jim Gray, who asked the quarterback about the status of his relationship with Belichick and Kraft. Brady said nothing has changed in his relationship with Kraft, whom he called as a great person and a second father.

Brady declared that he has a great relationship with Belichick, his coach for the last 18 years. “There is no coach I would rather play for,” said Brady, crediting his long-time coach for the success that he’s currently enjoying. However, Brady did not categorically state that he’ll finish his career with the Patriots, but he’s hoping to finish the season the right way.

“I know careers change…that is just the way it is,” said Brady.

Brady says ESPN story did not affect Patriots

Brady also said that the ESPN story did not affect the Patriots’ working environment a bit, saying it’s been the same in the past 18 years. The quarterback is confident that the story won’t affect their performance in the playoffs. The Patriots will play in the divisional round on January 13.