Well, I can try to describe Federer's game in one article: Master class, brilliant, perfect, flawless, immaculate, impeccable, and outstanding. You can add any other epithet if you want and you won't be wrong.

Another easy victory for Federer aagainstNadal, reduced 'head to head' to 14-23

Accurate and surgical precise, just like Swiss watch, Federer has, once again, smashed up the competition with his incredible strokes repertoire, right from the tennis textbooks. His win was clean as a whistle as a winner/UE ratio 2:1, without losing a service game, with one break in each set in 1 hour and 34 minutes of play.

Rafael Nadal had his chances early in the match, but Federer saved all four break points in the first set, then took advantage of his sixth after four incredible forehand winners, which found Rafa frozen on the baseline. Federer served his way into the second set and things looked pretty predictable. In the second set, Nadal was playing a little bit better on his serve, but unable to take one single point on Federer's serve in the first three games. He then magnificently saved two break points in the seventh game, that reminded us a little of the " good old Rafa," but that was just a delay of ineluctable defeat. The counter on Federer's title meter reached an incredible number of 92.

Once again, the king of Australia and the US so far this season - Roger Federer!

What to compare this incredible level of tennis grace with?

Vivaldi had his violin, Mozzart a piano, Da Vinci a paint brush, Tolstoj a pen, Louis Armstrong the trumpet, Hendrix a guitar and Ronaldinho a soccer ball. Roger Federer has his racket. It seems like ordinary object, but in the right hands it becomes a beautiful instrument for moving human senses, causing a unique feeling of admiration to a person who uses it.

And that is real art.

Years passing by, oldness is coming. Legs are heavy, injuries are frequent. Body is slower, fatigue is quicker. Just one thing remains the same- true class. It is unlikely that this kind of a class will be born again, so why don't we just sit and enjoy in this one?