When Charlie Sheen heard that ABC had a sudden opening, after the cancellation of Rosanne's show in the wake of her racist comments on Twitter, he volunteered to fill the void. He was quick to let the world and ABC know that he would be happy to reboot his character Charlie Harper and get "Two and a Half Men" back on the small screen. He officially announced his bid to ABC with a Tweet that included a photo of a script.

Other canceled shows follow Sheen's lead

A few other stars thought Charlie Sheen was on to something and decided to hit up ABC on Twitter as well.

Bryan Fuller, who recently left the "Vampire Chronicles" project, put in a shout out for his canceled ABC show "Pushing Daisies." Fuller's comedy-drama ran on the network from October 2007 to June 2009. Although it garnered critical acclaim and 12 Primetime Emmy Awards, ABC canceled the show after its second season. Fuller tagged the network in his tweet about getting "Pushing Daisies" back on the air. The tweet already has more than 13,000 likes.

Up next was Zach Braff, taking a little dig at ABC for canceling "Scrubs." ABC picked up "Scrubs" for seasons eight and nine but then canceled the medical comedy series in 2010.

Braff had mostly moved on to other projects by the Season 9 finale. It is unlikely that Braff is actually looking to get "Scrubs" back on the air, as it is more likely his tweet referred to his recently canceled ABC show "Alex Inc," which he was both starring in and producing.

Why ABC isn't likely to give Sheen a reboot

Charlie Sheen did not leave the set of the original "Two and a Half Men" on good terms.

In fact, he was fired. According to Entertainment Weekly, Sheen's erratic behavior, trashing hotel rooms, and drug use were bleeding over into the show's production. The actor began showing up late to rehearsals, and he couldn't remember his lines when he finally did show up. The producers suspended Sheen with a request for him to attend rehab.

He declined to enter treatment.

Sheen's character was killed off, and Season 9 started with his funeral. Ashton Kutcher took over as the show's lead in the role of Walden Schmidt. The show ran for four more seasons with Kutcher at the helm.

Poor behavior on set wasn't the only thing that led to Sheen's demise. The studio may have taken him back if he would have successfully completed a rehab program. However, the final nail in the Sheen coffin came from a radio interview the actor did with Alex Jones where he made derogatory comments about the show, the studio, and specifically, about producer Chuck Lorre. Sheen went on to sue the network for millions of dollars, but the case was settled out of court.