"Sin City" was brought to brilliant life by Robert Rodriguez in a movie that was shot entirely in front of a green screen and then made to look exactly like the comic books it was adapted from. Rodriguez even had comic book creator Frank Miller come in and direct some of the scenes himself, making sure it was completely loyal to the source material. After a second movie failed to meet the expectations the first left, the movie franchise died, but now the comic-based adaptation will come back to life on television.

The 'Sin City' showrunners

"Sin City" is coming from TWC/Dimension and they have a huge name writing the new series.

Glen Mazzara is the show runner who took over "The Walking Dead" when AMC fired Frank Darabont and he ran the second and third season of the show. While the second season was lackluster, the third took the show to new heights and it looks like the Frank Miller comic book property is in good hands.

Not only is Glen Mazzara writing the TV Show but Len Wiseman ("Underworld") is directing the pilot episode. There is a multi-head group overseeing the series, with Frank Miller, Glen Mazzara, Len Wiseman, Bob & Harvey Weinstein and Stephen L'Heureux, who produced "Sin City: A Dame to Kill For."

"Sin City" isn't the first time that Bob & Harvey Weinstein have brought one of their movie properties to the small screen. "Scream" lasted three seasons on MTV and Stephen King's "The Mist" is debuting this summer on Spike TV after a Frank Darabont movie brought it to the big screen.

A new direction for 'Sin City'

The intention of the studio is to take the "Sin City" TV show in a new direction from the films. While Robert Rodriguez created a modern masterpiece with the original film, the second movie really let fans down and never reached the level of the first creatively or financially. That makes it smart to give fans something new with the TV show.

According to reports, the new TV show will take cues from the Frank Miller graphic novels while introducing new characters and timelines that take place in the city itself. There are also networks that are showing interest in the TV show. It seems almost a perfect fit for a network like Starz, which is currently airing "American Gods" and "Ash vs. Evil Dead."

"Sin City" was a series of Frank Miller comics that played with the neo-noir genre and focused on a West Coast fictional town with incredibly high crime rates and a paramilitary police force.

The series was published from 1991 to 2000.

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