Bob Dylan has confirmed reports that he will not be in attendance to collect his literature award at the nobel ceremony in Stockholm next month. The acclaimed singer-songwriter Dylan was awarded by the Academy for his work in literature citing that he had "created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition" making the 75-year-old the first American recipient of the prize since 1993.

The Swedish Academy said that they had received "a personal letter" from Dylan to explain his absence, with the multiple time Grammy award winner claiming that he would love to attend the ceremony to "personally" accept the award but that "pre-existing commitments" hadn't made it possible.

Dylan isn't the first isn't the first recipient of the prestigious Nobel award to not attend the award ceremony. 2005 winner, Harold Pinter and 2007 winner Doris Lessing also failed to attend the event to collect their prize.

Dylan's silence upsets the Academy

When it was originally announced that Dylan had been awarded a Nobel prize for literature, their was some criticism surrounding the decision by media and members of the public. However, the most controversial element of the announcement seemed to be Dylan's silence after the announcement was made. The Academy were unable to get in touch with the singer and a member even referred to Dylan's silence as "impolite and arrogant." It wasn't until some time later that Dylan made acknowledgement of the award in an interview describing the achievement as "incredible" and has since went on to say that winning the prize is a great "honor."

Bob Dylan -- a man of many awards

The Nobel prize is not the first award Dylan has won through his illustrious career, although it may be his most prestigious to date.

Dylan also holds 11 Grammy Awards, an Academy award, and a Golden Globe, as well as being an inductee in the Grammy Hall of Fame, the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Bob Dylan -- from then to now

Bob Dylan moved from Minnesota to New York in 1960 where he began playing old folk songs on the local music scene.

Dylan earned a recording contract whilst there and became renowned for his songwriting abilities, particularly the content of his lyrics which many felt challenged social and political issues at the time. Dylan then became a born-again Christian in the late 70's and released several albums of gospel music, much to the displeasure of some of his fans.

Dylan released several albums in the 80's to mixed reviews and was slated for his early work in the 90's after which he returned to his musical roots, it was during this era where he also received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. In the 2000's Dylan won his first Grammy for the song "Things Have Changed," which was written for the film "Wonder Boys." Dylan went on to release a Christmas album in 2009 and has released several albums over the past couple of years, including 2016's "Fallen Angels."

The Nobel ceremony takes place in Stockholm on December 10th.