This may not be as outlandish as it sounds.

Trump detractors are laughing at him because he keeps a small-scale replica of Mount Rushmore in his Oval Office lookalike at Mar-a-Lago with his face added to those of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and T. Roosevelt. HuffPost reports that "foes can't stop mocking Trump's 'Mini-me' Mount Rushmore," now tagged "Mount Trumpmore."

Delusions of grandeur

But wait, is a Trump portrait carved into the National Memorial as far-fetched as it sounds? Didn't the Smithsonian Magazine tell us in 2016 of the "sordid history of Mount Rushmore, that the sculptor who carved the president's likenesses, Gutzon Borglum, was a white supremacist?

Didn't the Smithsonian also say that the KKK helped fund the monument?

By the sound of all that, doesn't Trump fit right in? Also, there are Borglum's racist letters to the Grand Dragon, D.C. about Nordic superiority and the inferiority of the "mongrel horde." Included in the horde were native Americans.

As the sculptor put it, "I would not trust an Indian, off-hand, 9 out of 10." Isn't that something the ex-president would say? When he was in office, didn't he call Haiti and African nations "shithole" countries"?

Given that Trump's belief in his moral superiority allows him to covet his face carved into a National Memorial (last year NBC reported him dreaming of this), why would his sense of entitlement stop there?

What's to stop him from, say, re-imagine himself as Adam when God creates man as pictured in Michelangelo Sistine Chapel ceiling fresco?

To the manor born

Wouldn't Trump want in on the most important moment in the history of man? Isn't it as plausible that he would see himself in Michelangelo's picture as it is seeing himself on Mount Rushmore?

He said it himself in so many words in his run for the presidency: "People love me. Everybody loves me." Presumably, God does, too.

As for another sculpture that Trump could push his way into beside Mount Rushmore, how about one of those giant statues on East Island off the coast of Chile. Or better yet, a statue in D.C. There's just enough space for his face on Martin Luther King Memorial near the National Mall – a way better location for him.

After all, who would visit his visage on East Island?

Thinking big, as Trump does

I'm just saying. If Trump can project himself onto Mount Rushmore, why not on King's memorial, which is said to be inspired by a line from King's 1963 speech, "I Have a Dream." Trump is full of dreams, like the one about winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

As The Washington Post noted last year, Trump's dream of a Nobel Peace Prize was kept alive by far-flung foreign allies. But if he gets another run, anything is possible.