The Trump administration brought forth many, many, varied controversies. One thing the administration did that seemed to gain widespread support was rejuvenate America's presence in space.

Although one particular space-related endeavor maybe not as much. That being the new official branch of the United States Armed Forces, the Space Force. Many satirical comments have been made about it. In some cases, fairly and not fairly in others. Some seemed to think a new White House administration would mean a quick end to the new military branch. That seems rather unlikely.

And really, it has been since it was formally established.

Has bipartisan support in Congress

Abolishing an established branch of the United States military requires Congress. That would be a daunting task anyway. But even more so, seeing as many of the current Congress members just approved the branch in 2019.

Some onlookers group the Space Force in with some of Donald Trump's other, more confounding projects. But there is a consensus among both Republicans and Democrats that space in relation to defense. And that a branch specifically devoted to it is the best way to move forward.

Even if it didn't have bipartisan support in Congress, there is the matter of practicality. The Space Force exists.

It's active and running. Trying to undo all of that could be much more difficult than adapting to its existence.

Whatever its plans may be for the Space Force, the new administration hasn't said on it so far. One official that seems strongly supportive of it is Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff John E. Hyten. Hyten is a four-star general in the U.S.

Air Force.

To a certain extent, it's understandable why the Space Force has been the subject of so much satire. Some of the other policies from the Trump administration could make people naturally skeptical. And there's the tendency of possible pop culture rip-offs in the Force's imagery and vocabulary. Such as the rather indisputable resemblance between the Space Force seal and the emblem of the fictional Starfleet.

But much of it might boil down to simply misunderstanding the Space Force's current mission. As indicated by the AP, many people have a misguided farcical understanding of what it does. Dreaming up images of intergalactic battles starships. Maybe it'll get there someday down the road. But that's not what it is now. Rather, it's mostly dedicated to endeavors involving satellites and missiles.

The Space Force is also now the primary service operating the United States Space Command. A unified combatant command involving several branches. As noted by The Hill, there's also currently a controversy surrounding Space Command and its planned Colorado-to-Alabama move.

The Space Force was spun off from the Air Force

The new branch is essentially what used to be Air Force Space Command. Though it is a separate branch, the Space Force is still part of the Air Force Department. Much like the Marine Corps is part of the Department of the Navy.

In fact, its origins are reminiscent of how the Air Force itself was created. It was originally part of the U.S. Army before being separated. At the time, it known as the United States Army Air Forces. Following the U.S. Army Air Corps and the U.S. Army Air Service.