“This is all crap!” roared Sen. Lindsay Graham, R-S.C., after Dr. Christine Blasey Ford' testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh attempted to rape her when they were in high school. Her sworn statement came across as credible, even to Fox News analysts. Fuming at that development, a red-faced Graham shouted that the Democrats were trying to ruin the judge's reputation and forestall his confirmation.

Let me be the judge of that

The Senator's harangue bucked up his fellow Republicans on the Judiciary Committee and their partiality returned to the judge and they proceeded to ballyhoo his innocence.

Clearly repulsed by Graham's near-apoplectic indignation that Kavanaugh integrity was even questioned, actor, artist Jim Carrey drew a caricature of a livid Senator that bore a strong resemblance to the shrieking infant's face in Peter Paul Rubens painting “Saturn Devouring His Son.”

You'd think that Graham was being eaten alive by his contorted expression of fury. Carrey posted the drawing on social media sites and tweeted that the Senator's maddened face was “hideous and hateful.” And in another tweet, Carrey asked, “Ever wonder why women don't report sexual abuse?” He went on to fault the Senator “who offered nothing but anger and absolute disdain” to Dr. Ford's testimony.

Missing the mark

Carrey's drawing is one in a series of political cartoons that he regularly posts.

This one rolled up a whopping 80,000 likes. Make that 80,001. this particular caricature gets my vote, unlike my thumbs-down for his last lampoon of White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders last March.

In that one, he showed her features twisted with rage, not unlike his take on the choleric-looking Graham, which made no sense since Sanders never cracks her face.

She berates reporters almost constantly but her facial expression never changes. The same goes for her tone. She doesn't yell when she castigates. Her sound is so even, it comes across as monotone, as colorless. Carrey pictured her rabid and shrieking when she is the picture of the poker-faced Great Sphinx of Giza with the head of a human and the body of a lion.

With clenched fists and bared teeth

These caricatures of Carrey's -- his way of raising his fist at the hypocrisy of America's political world - are reminiscent of his role in the 1998 movie “The Truman Show,” in which he discovers that he was raised by a corporation inside a simulated TV show and chooses to fight back and escape.