Donald Trump wants a wall and to close the border to immigration. He has even threatened to shut down the government unless he gets funding for the wall. The last threat of government shutdown led to an agreement that there would be funding for the wall and immigration law reform.

The funding has not happened and Congress keeps postponing it. The biggest debate is whether to abandon all immigration policies and open the border. An open border policy would allow immigrants to come to America and stay without fear of detention or deportation.

Pros for open borders

The annual cost of immigration enforcement to American taxpayers annually, according to a 2013 report, was $18 billion. Open borders would eliminate the need for a wall or fence. It would also eliminate Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and detention centers. If all were allowed into the United States, then there would be no deportations.

There are many people protesting and asking to eliminate ICE. ICE does not patrol the border, that is the responsibility of the Border Patrol. ICE controls the ports of entry into the United States. They are responsible for enforcing the immigration and customs law of the United States.

Another argument for open borders is that it would create temporary immigration.

The theory is that they would come here for a few years then move back to be with their family and friends. They would really be encouraged, especially if college is free to all. Free college is supported by members of the Democratic Party.

Countries also would only send the best immigrants to America. Right now, due to the restrictive immigration laws, wealthier individuals do not see the advantage of immigrating to the United States.

The paperwork and the time to legally immigrate is too burdensome. The theory posits that they would be more willing to immigrate if the more accommodating laws made the process easier.

Argument against open borders

As mentioned earlier, the study of the cost of immigration was done in 2013, so the cost is probably higher today.

Currently, there is no wall built on the southern border. The initial cost of the wall would likely increase that annual budget initially, however it would move immigration toward the ports of entry. This would allow for a reduction of staffing, and possibly the cost, without changing existing laws. The same effect that is expected to occur with open borders.

Another argument for open borders is that it will encourage skilled immigrants to come to America. The problem with this argument is that the educated and skilled immigrants have the resources to immigrate now. They are choosing to stay in their homeland.

Open borders would supposedly reduce the less skilled immigrants from entering. They are entering now and what would reduce the flow if there were no obstacles to enter the United States?

This most likely would increase the flow because now they would be eligible for all government assistance and there would be no obstacles to immigrating to America.

The savings from the reduction of agents on the border would just be absorbed by other government programs. It would more likely increase the money spent on immigration.

In America, everyone has to pay for their higher education. Currently, there is no law for free education, but the demographics are changing in America and more people believe that college education should be free. If a law were to pass for free education, then an open border policy would allow immigrants the right to that education. American taxpayers would be footing the bill to educate the world.

Under the current immigration laws, many foreign students already come to America to study. There would really be no benefit to open the borders for education purposes. Students are already allowed here to study and take advantage of our higher education.

The major issue with open borders

Open borders allow anybody to enter the United States and stay, without repercussions. The current laws allow people to earn citizenship that pledges allegiance to the United States. They move here and become Americans and follow the laws of their new nation.

If the borders were open, then immigrants such as Imam Mundhir Abdallah would be allowed to enter and stay. He is currently under arrest, accused hate crimes in Copenhagen, Denmark, for allegedly threatening to kill Jewish people.

He is the Imam for Masjid Al-Faruq mosque in Copenhagen. He immigrated from Lebanon.

A tape of his from 2017 was recently translated. This tape berates the Jewish people and states the way to eliminate them along with American bases. It also outlines the path needed to basically take over the world.

He is an Imam, an influential member of Islam, and has his own mosque. He could spread his views through his mosque to new immigrants. This could lead to an uprising and eventual change in society.

Denmark has arrested Imam Mundhir Abdallah under their current hate laws. This possibly could have been prevented if Denmark had closed their borders and investigated him before he immigrated there. This is an extreme example but a possibility with open borders.

The best way to start a revolution is from within. This can be easier achieved if all immigration laws are abandoned. This would allow more radical beliefs and immigrants would not have to assimilate to their new nation.

Importance of immigration

Every nation needs immigration especially the nations with an aging population. When civilizations moved from an agricultural based society to manufacturing and service-based society, there is not a need for big families anymore.

However, one way to offset this trend is to allow immigration into countries. This will allow the country to sustain the older population while injecting it with a newer, younger populous. This is critical to maintaining growth and prosperity.

For immigrants, the United States of America is unique. It was founded under the freedoms we enjoy today such as speech, religion, and other protections granted to us by the Constitution of the United States. This allows immigrants to assimilate, in America, while ensuring their freedom to practice their religion and traditions.

If America’s borders were open, then they would not have to pledge their allegiance to the Constitution of the United States. They would have no loyalty to America. Immigration laws are vital to protect our Constitution and the freedoms granted to us from the United States Constitution.