Why is this happening? The reason this is still in the forefront of our minds is simply that we have not found a solution. Despite what actions have been taken, there is no light at the end of the tunnel yet in terms of violence in schools. As many proposed actions and catch-all solutions that have been implemented, nothing has changed and the tragedy rages on. That being said, I do not believe there is, in fact, a one-step, easy solution. Clearly, the problem goes much deeper than mere access to the tools to carry out these horrific plans. A report by CNN provided many of the details used in this article.

School shooting and stabbings should not be so prevalent today

The focus is shifted from the tragedies themselves to the weapons they utilize. Personally, I believe that this is irresponsible in itself. Imagine having to choose between changing an aspect of your thought process or banning something from your household. Which do you think would be easier? Our thoughts and associations are deep chemical processes in our brains. Therefore the answer I have personally come up with in response to that question, anything man-made or material in nature in general for that matter, we could do without. Taking the easy path by banning weapons is just a temporary solution. The bigger issues resulting in these violent acts still bowl beneath the surface.

School shootings and stabbings continue to plague our nation despite many proposed solutions

It is much simpler to ban an item than to approach the psychological aspect of dealing with violence in schools. Why do these people think in this destructive manner and the majority of us may have irrational thoughts but do not act on them?

From evolution to psychology, boundless theories have been proposed as to the origin and cause of these changes in the average thought process in terms of violent intent. Our minds are complicated machines. To prove any theory or even to test a hypothesis, takes resources to yield results.

Before any study can be published, it can take approximately ten years to gather sufficient data for reputable results.

When it comes to publishing something as important as the subject of human biology or psychology it is vital that the report be as accurate as possible. Therefore, even if we are attempting to get down to the root of the problem, it could be years more before we see any results correlating to violence in schools. After doing some research, I can find no evidence of any studies referring to the proclivity toward school violence published so far on the matter.

What do we know about the Texas school shooting

Seventeen-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis brought a .35 revolver into his Santa Fe high school and began opening fire on classmates. Sources say Pagourtzis reported that he only fired on his intended targets, those who wronged him.

Victims included a young woman who had previously refused his advances. Ten were killed and ten were injured in the attack included a retired police officer with a gunshot wound to the arm.

Students and families hit the streets in protest of gun violence and a demand for prophylactic measures. These deaths are one hundred percent preventable. The community is in outrage. Parents are afraid of how common these incidents are becoming. With a recorded twenty-two school shootings the last year, something must be done to prevent these senseless tragedies.

The governor of Texas has announced a meeting tomorrow to discuss possible implementations

Texas Governor Greg Abbott invites students, teachers, community members, and victim's families to participate in the discussion to change the violent conditions.

He also encourages members from both sides of the gun debate to weigh in on the matter. Not only does he hope to improve conditions in the affected community but also has the ambition to implement proposed improvements state and perhaps nationwide if effective. These violent tragedies need to stop; that is the bottom line.

President Donald Trump ordered the flags to be flown half-mast in light of the recent tragedy. Many members of Congress, including Senator Tim Kayne and Nancy Peloski, House Minority Leader, have announced their concerns on social media. Most of them communicating their personal outrage at the senseless tragedy as well as wishes the best to the families of the victims as well as those still waiting to hear from loved ones.