One of the curious events that took place at the beginning of the Obama presidency was the Nobel Peace Prize he was awarded for 2009 for the stated reason, “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” Considering Obama’s record since the award, one would be hard-pressed to find someone who got it and deserved it less. Al Gore and Yassir Arafat come to mind.

However, Obama’s predecessor, President George W. Bush, richly deserves to become a Nobel Laureate. People who still hate the younger Bush may recoil from such an idea, considering, for instance, the war in Iraq.

But as Bono, the musician and activist recently reminded the world, President Bush is responsible for saving 21 million lives, primarily in Africa,

Obama and his record on war and peace

President Obama’s record on matters of war and peace does not bear scrutiny. His withdrawal from Iraq led to the rise of ISIS and the creation of the Islamic Stat., Obama’s failure to enforce the so-called “red line’ in Syria signaled Bashir Assad that he could gas his own people with impunity, at least until the election of President Trump. His “lead from behind” strategy to overthrow Kaddafy in Libya threw North Africa into chaos. Libya and Syria sparked the migrant crisis that is roiling Europe. Finally, Obama’s misbegotten nuclear weapons deal with Iran will go down along with Munich as one of the most dangerous agreements in history, with the prospect of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East as a result.

Bush saved 21 million people

Pajamas Media notes that Bono was recently at the George W, Bush Presidential Center in Dallas recently where he received the George W. Bush Medal for Distinguished Leadership for his good works fighting AIDS and poverty in the developing world. Bono noted that in his 2003 State of the Union Address, Bush 43 proposed a program called the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.

For $15 billion over five years, two million HIV patients were treated, and seven million new infections were prevented. Bono noted that the ongoing program saved 13 million lives. When the Global Relief Fund that also provided medical interventions is added, that figure rises to 21 million.

Think about the irony

Think about the irony.

Obama, who lit a match to North Africa and the Middle East through his bungling, has a Nobel Peace Prize. George W. Bush, who saved the lives of millions, does not and, considering the political mindset of the Nobel Committee, is not likely to.

And if the gentle reader thinks that dichotomy is annoying, what will happen if Trump persuades Kim Jong-un to give up nuclear weapons and achieves peace in Korea? The joke is that the only way Trump will get a Peace Prize is if he orders Mattis to take it.