Fired Fbi Director, James Comey’s new book "A Higher Loyalty; Truth, Lies, and Leadership," is the most credible way for the publicly humiliated former top law enforcement officer to get back at his attacker. James Comey has, no doubt, been stewing since his May 9 dismissal by President Donald Trump. Trump has accused the former FBI director of mishandling the Hilary Clinton email controversy (Trump subsequently praised him for opposite reasoning). He was also frustrated with the progression of the Russian collusion investigation, and Comey’s apparent refusal by omission to pledge loyalty to the president, in that matter.

Donald Trump's name calling extends to James Comey

And then the name calling began. Comey, Trump feels, is stupid and a slimeball, according to the NY Times. Let us not forget that our president is, by now, famous for his streets of New York, verbally abusive attacks on any and all that displeases him. His direct attacks on his attorney general, Jeff Sessions, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, just to name a few, have been embarrassments to strong, dignified people and heretofore powerful figures in US government.

James Comey's professional character unquestioned

However, James Comey is a towering presence, both figuratively and physically at 6’8” and, according to Bethany Mclean of Vanity Fair, used to being admired as just, fair, and compassionate by those that worked under him or beside him.

He has been a prosecutor in the esteemed Southern District of New York, and the Deputy Attorney General under President George W. Bush. He favorably survived the nomination process for FBI Director in a 93-1 vote under Barak Obama. In ex-FBI director Comey’s new book he quotes philosophers, Christians, and do-gooders of all kinds.

In short, his good character and intentions are beyond reproach. If one spent an entire life cultivating an image of Elliot Ness, Mr. Clean, and Dick Tracy all wrapped up in one they would not likely take kindly to publicly being called a liar, a slimeball, and stupid, by a street bully nevermind that the bully happens to be the president of the United States.

No, as opposed to Sessions, McConnell, and Tillerson, Mr. Comey was no longer encumbered by his job.

So, he let it fly. He lashed out in public on the publishing stage, one with credibility and precedent. He has remained composed and unemotional. He has refrained from hyperbole or exaggeration. James Comey has come out in print with a description of Donald Trump that should embarrass all of us. Jim Comey may have made mistakes during the weeks leading up to the 2016 presidential election. But they were not intentional and were born out of the ideal of fairness. Comey apparently was capable of nothing else. James Comey as a youth, I imagine, was told that the best way to stop a bully was to punch him in the nose. His newly released book is simply his metaphorical punch in the nose at the president.