Sadly, another young person committed an act of horror with gun violence. Nicholas Cruz, 19, is now in custody after allegedly killing 17 and wounding many more in a Florida high school. But within moments, the usual chorus of the outraged blamed the gun. Not Nicholas, but the gun. Sadly, pitifully, this is wrong and ill-sighted. But when did that stop the righteously outraged from anything?

The gun is a tool. It is an inanimate object. It can't move, think, operate, swim, eat, or watch Netflix on its own. It needs you. Or someone. But it needs you.

Like a knife, a shovel, a car, or the Internet, a gun relies on the user to determine its virtue.

But that hasn't stopped the outraged classes. Is it because the outraged are part of the same "resist" ideology that infects so many of these perpetrators? I would say so, and I will certainly examine this in my future pieces here. However, all we will hear from the "thoughts and prayers" crowd is the need for more and more gun control. Nonsense.

Resist, get in their face, and take it to the streets

I am not blaming anyone -- Trump, Obama, Hillary or the media -- for what Cruz did. He did it. But we live in a political world where an ex-president, Obama, advocates for "resisters" to "get in their face." "Stand in front of them and get in their face," Obama proclaimed after Trump won the election.

And what of the fact that most of these shooters are Bernie Sanders supporters? Or that they are Antifa members?

Frankly, the common denominator seems to be that those who commit these acts of terror support Bernie Sanders. Or they support Antifa. Or they just hate Trump. That is what they all (recently) have in common.

Part of the problem

Didn't Bette Midler, the idol of Bon-Bon eaters and Oprah watchers everywhere just tweet, to much applause by the "Resistors," "where is Rand's neighbor when you need him?" Midler was referring to the assault of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul by a neighbor a few months back. Didn't that call to violence and "get in their face" attitude win praise from the righteously outraged?

It did.

So, maybe impressionable, mentally unstable people are being goaded into harmful acts because they feel justified if it suits their causes. Let me be clear: guns don't belong in many people's hands. They don't belong in the hands of those with violent criminal pasts. They don't belong in the hands of the mentally ill.

But it is the definition of the mentally ill that has us stumped. And those in charge over we minions don't want to let us believe they are stumped. They want to show answers and action, if only you give them more power and abdicate more of your rights, they will make your lives so much better. Not true.

Sadly, the mass media will blame Trump, the NRA, right-wingers, pickup trucks and coal plants for this massacre. But it wasn't the gun's fault. A gun doesn't think or act on its own. And whatever you think, the gun doesn't Care what you think.