I am Cosmin Olteanu, a journalist at Blasting News US. For ordinary people, life seems easy, but let's see together how it is to be united with those who transcended the physical and to fight on the territory of the unknown.Today, I have a single guest, Ana Maria of Romania, a distinguished member of the first pagan association founded by Olteanu Cosmin. Below is the full interview, with specific and unedited answers to the questions that I asked.

Being Wicca in Romania

Cosmin Olteanu: Please introduce yourself, so readers know who we are with pleasure?

Ana C. Maria: My name is Câmpean Ana-Maria, I am 17 years old and I am adept at spirituality in Romania.

Cosmin Olteanu: With what achievements can you be proud?

Ana C. Maria: I could say about my way of seeing previous lives, setting up a coven here in my city, and helping people as much as I could.

Cosmin Olteanu: I understand that you are part of the Association Movement of Neopagans from Romania. What exactly do you do?

Ana C. Maria: I am the High Priestess in this association, I am in charge of helping and supporting members.

Cosmin Olteanu: Does he thank you for joining this structure?

Ana C. Maria: Yes, I have no problem, we are all equal.

Cosmin Olteanu: Please share your vision of spirituality?

Ana C. Maria: I think spirituality is an essential thing for the spiritual development of a person because being spiritual does not mean to be stupid, but rather to understand those around you.

Cosmin Olteanu: How do you see the pagan community and the movement of their representation, MNR, in the next 10 years? But what projects would you like to do with them?

Ana C. Maria: The pagan community in our country will no longer be a minority, there will be temples, maybe even spiritual schools, this association will already be flourished. I would like to do all sorts of courses for the other members, to be a kind of spiritual teacher, and I would probably want to unravel certain riddles of the past.

Tips for beginners

Cosmin Olteanu: Do you want to tell us something else?

Ana C. Maria: Yes, I would like to send them a message to all people who are beginners in the mysteries of mystery and magic, and of course of Light. The life we take, the bearers of Light, is difficult, and at some point, you find it impossible and you have frequent depressive states. You are the mockery of the non-sisters, you certify with everyone, you are upset everybody and vice versa, you feel some negative emotions that are low energy vibration. At first, it seems difficult for you to stay calm, wise and give unconditional love, healing, and awakening to those who come into conflict with you instead of these emotions.

You will start to have expectations from anyone and everything, and you will be disappointed when you see that things do not happen the way you want.

In conclusion, I would like to say that I was at the beginning and I have been through these things, so I will tell you what I have learned:

  1. Never, but never have expectations from nobody and nothing, because you are losing yourself.
  2. If you emanate positive emotions, such as love, healing, this is attracted to you.
  3. Life is a cranny struggle, resist for you and for those you love.
  4. Help those in need, for the Universe will reward you.
  5. Do not provide information to anyone. Some can turn it back on you as a weapon.
  6. Radiation of Light, Love, and Peace. Namaste!