With the scandal that some are calling "Pervnado" sweeping celebrity men off of their influential positions right and left, ranging from super producer Harvey Weinstein to celebrity chef Mario Batali, some have started to dream of the scandal destroying the biggest fish of all. Led by Sen Kirsten Gillibrand, D-New York, a good friend of the Clintons, a group of liberals and feminists are demanding that President Donald Trump resign because of alleged past sexual abuses. A number of women who claimed that Trump abused and assaulted them during the campaign have resurfaced.

At least one is suing the president. Trump, understandably, is having none of it.

Anti-Trumpers triggered by one phrase

According to Hot Air, Trump’s many enemies have been triggered by one phrase in the president’s tweet, “and would do anything for them.” Trump clearly meant granting favors for the campaign contributions. A number of people, including the folks on the MSNBC show “Morning Joe,” are claiming he meant something else entirely.

Trump, who is smarter than most people give him credit for, may have been aware of the double entendre. However, he can now accuse his opponents of having their minds in the gutter.

The problem with using sex scandals to get rid of Trump

Two reasons exist why using the alleged sexual boorishness committed by Trump to get him out of office will not work.

First, the matter was already litigated during the 2016 campaign, with the accusations and the infamous "Access Hollywood" tape. Trump was elected anyway, mainly because a lot of people agreed with his “Make American Great Again” agenda, but mostly because his opponent, Hillary Clinton, was so much worse. The choice in 2016 was not between a creep and someone pristine and pure.

The option was between two significantly flawed human beings. Clinton, hardly a romance novel heroine, lost that contest.

The other reason is that the standard for presidential perfidy was established in the 1990s with Bill Clinton. Clinton did and was accused of doing far worse things than Trump has ever imagined doing, including forcible rape. Yet, Bill Clinton’s behavior did not, to use the low and infamous phrase of the time, “rise to the level of impeachment.” Clinton was impeached, did not get thrown out of office, and left the presidency relatively popular, albeit with an eternal stain on his character that would haunt him and his wife forever.

The country is stuck (or blessed depending on one’s point of view) with President Trump for at least the next three years and one month, possibly seven years. The sound and fury being expended to hustle him out of the White House is all wasted and counterproductive effort.