Most Fantasy Football fans pride themselves on being experts and love proving they're smarter than their friends. Most Fantasy Footballers are after the ultimate dream, a championship and bragging rights. But me? No sir! My desire is a playoff spot.

Championships are only awarded to one person or one team, but most teams and individuals feel good about themselves if they can show competence. Think about all the small colleges across the country who have a banner in their gym. The banner doesn't read “sacrificial lamb for a power conference school – 2015."

No, it reads "National Tournament Appearance." Every fan in the gym recalls how strong the last team to make nationals was.

For a short while, they are accepted as competent.

Fantasy Football: Struggles & hopes

My quest for Fantasy Football competence led to some weird situations this fall. There was the Sunday evening date where my eyes would drift from my date to the football game. There were the Toilet Bowl roster checks. All of my determination seemed to be worth it. During the early stages of the season, I took a gamble picking up Deshaun Watson, a rookie QB for Houston. It's kind of odd and ironic where young and old QBs like Tom Brady and Eli Manning are finding themselves.

Things looked up and my team was in a position to secure the No. 3-seed in our 12-team league. Then everything went south. Watson got hurt, Philadelphia traded for Jay Ajayi and my muscles released hulk-like frustration and rage in the living room.

Every week was another slip down the competence ladder. Dallas backup Alfred Morris played well but didn't get many touches. My place in the standings sunk to sixth.

Fantasy Football: Playoff push

Now, my grip is weakly on the last playoff spot with one week to go. If my team loses we will be done. If my teams wins on Sunday night there will be a banner in my man cave appropriately titled “sacrificial lamb of 2017.”

Lambeau Legends and Prescription Killers are one game behind me and play each other.

My team, eloquently named LeGarrette said Knock u Out, is 1-1 vs. Prescription Killers and 2-0 against Lambeau Legends. Prescription Killers has me beat on head-to-head points (214-160).

Important postseason Fantasy Football is a sniff away, but my path to the promised land is tough. LeGarrette said Knock U Out is facing the No.

2-seed Stanley Loving Big TD's (10-2) but earlier this year we picked up a win over him 102-79. After Thursday night's games, I jumped out to a 22-0 lead. Thank you, Alfred Morris (21 pts – 1 rushing TD, 127 yards) and Vernon Davis. Every point counts...hopefully, your performance will too (1 pt – 2 receptions, 15 yards).

My latest toilet bowl adds were Cooper Cup (Rams WR) and Josh Gordon (Browns WR). We had to cut Joe Flacco, Will Fuller, and John Brown. Right now LeGarrette said Knock U Out is rocking two defenses and praying my QB1 doesn't get hurt the rest of the way. Good luck to the men and women wearing the same moccasins as me. The playoffs are within our reach. I need some Shiva in my life.


Players who can help you make the playoff push. Seth Roberts (Raiders WR), Dede Westbrook (Jags WR), Zay Jones (Bills WR), Raiders Defense, Jacquizz Rodgers (Bucks RB), and Rickey Seals-Junior (Cards TE).