There is a well-known adage "if wishes were horses beggars would ride." Sadly, this about sums up the wishful thinking of many of trump's opponents and ordinary Americans, who feel, that Donald Trump will be impeached and he will be on his way out. They point to his rating among the American public which is the lowest for a president in decades. They also cite the Russian connection and the convening of the Grand Jury with Mueller as the head. Many of his opponents fondly believe that Trump will eventually be impeached, as they are sure something incriminating will be revealed that will crucify him.

This is wishful thinking and as the days pass the chances of Trump being impeached are lessening. AlJazera, in a commentary, has published that the dreams of these opponents of Trump will be dashed as the president will complete his term.

Fond hopes of impeachment

Many intellectuals have been lending their voice to the chorus that at some stage Trump will be impeached. Many point to his medical condition, and short of calling him insane, have come up with weird theories. A professor who had forecast Trumps win has gone on to say that Trump will be impeached. One wonders whether he believes in what he has written. Many had pinned their hopes on the Russian connection. After the confession of General Flynn and the arrest of Manafort, many assumed that the time for impeachment is near.

But nothing has happened and Trump is continuing his actions as President.

Trump his own master

Many are not able to accept that Trump is capable of a sane decision. They site his recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the border wall, and the Muslim travel ban. Despite vociferous opposition from across the world, Trump has not been swayed and to his credit, it must be said that he is his own master and does what he thinks is right.

CNN has reported the almost universal condemnation of Trump's decision on Jerusalem, even by the closest allies of the US, yet this has not swayed Trump. Such decisions have in fact strengthened Trumps hold over his supporters who see him as a man who will set right the wrongs of society.

Hoping in vain

The people who have been hoping for impeachment will have to continue waiting for the next three years.

There does not appear to be any chance that he will be impeached. What happened to Nixon is not going to be repeated. This is the harsh truth, on the contrary, any attempt to impeach him may well set aflame fires in America, that will be difficult to douse.