The hypocrisy of progressive female democrats in Congress calling for an investigation into President Donald Trump’s alleged sexual misconduct against 17 women is buffoonish. Their game of “We got rid of our perverts, now you get rid of yours,” is not only disingenuous but is also about 30 years too late.

President Bill Clinton forever changed America when parents were forced to explain what fellatio is to their children and what the definition of "is" is. But his "sexcapdes" did not start in Washington, D.C. His libido was running full throttle as a rising star in Arkansas politics.

However, Mrs. Clinton was not around to help damper his lust; she was building her career.

While many continue to write Rep. John Conyers's (D-Mich.) epitaph as a civil rights icon, he was accused of sexual harassment by many staffers before quitting Nov. 27. The claims date back to at least 1997. They were ignored until recently and even then top feminist voices ignored his situation.

Bill Clinton

Paula Jones received an $850,000 settlement after the then-governor, Clinton, allegedly propositioned Jones and exposed himself to her. Jones was a state worker. The incident allegedly took place in 1991. Jones filed a lawsuit in 1994, two years after Clinton was elected president. Gennifer Flowers claimed to have had an affair with Clinton for a decade.

He later admitted under oath he and Flowers had sex. There are other accusers, but the Jones cases included a deposition. Clinton admitted to receiving fellatio from White House intern Monica Lewinsky. He denied it, under oath, but the stain on her dress proved to match the president’s DNA. Clinton was impeached for lying about it.

Hypocritical feminists

Many of the attacks against Trump and seemingly pummeled Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore have come from feminists who used sexism to defend Bill Clinton. Hillary Clinton led an unholy trinity of defenders of Clinton during the 1990s. Apparently, his position on abortion was more important than how he lived.

Hillary approved a plan of “slut-shaming” — as Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) recently called similar tactics involving Trump — Flowers during the 1992 primary campaign. The same schemes were used against other accusers during Clinton’s presidency.

Hillary was part of a group that decided to hire private investigator Jack Palladino to creative a narrative that the women got what they deserved or wanted, according to the New York Times. The information Palladino received was passed to long-time Clinton's-aide and friend Betsey Wright. Wright, who coined the term “Bimbo eruptions,” passed the information to reporters. James Carville, the campaign’s chief strategist, claimed he was in charge of every phase of the campaign.

However, many writings since then explain how Hillary viewed the Clinton presidency as victims of a “vast right-wing conspiracy” out to destroy it.

Detroit politics

Conyers is a political superstar in Detroit. Elected in 1964, he is noted for supporting early civil rights legislation. He served a lifetime in Congress before resigning after several sexual harassment allegations against him became public. Many in the Democratic Women’s Working Group turned a blind eye to Conyers activities. One member, Rep. Brenda Lawrence (D-IL), who represents a neighboring district, is one of three women named on the release attacking Trump but said she would not ask Conyers to resign.