Many know that Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) was attacked. He has spoken at last about the ordeal and said that he suffered six broken ribs, had fluid in his lungs, and is basically in a state of misery and pain.

Perhaps the most frightful part of this whole ordeal is the response that some have had regarding it. For instance, some people have opined that the senator from Kentucky had it coming because he had not kept his yard up to this neighbor (and attackers) landscaping standards.

What does that say about us?

For those who hold such a view, what is the real motive for these thoughts?

After all, are we supposed to accept that everytime that we have a problem with our neighbor, we cripple them or cause them to be otherwise infirmed as Paul has been? If so, then rather than having the rest of the nation emulating the civility that one would expect to see displayed on a property and neighborhood as nice as those in question, those who have succeeded in life are living down to the actions which are displayed in the ghettos of America.

Those that snicker when something happens that puts a leader of the country or a senator in the hospital are not doing anything beyond furthering the downward spiral of malice that is replacing civility in this country.

This is about hating a party

Most of the people who are mocking Paul are those who are against either President Donald Trump (who shares the senator's party affiliation) or those who dislike the libertarian-friendly Kentucky gentleman for other reasons. While the right to not agree and to speak freely exists, it is vital that we don't allow how we vote to cloud who we are as human beings and Americans.

Those on the right did not laugh when John F. Kennedy was gunned down and not many on the left were jovial when Ronald Regan was shot by Mr. Hinkley, either. Why are we now allowing anyone to suggest that Rand Paul deserved this when we don't even know the history of these two men? Every step that we take which leads us into the direction of supporting malice or violence is one step closer that we as a nation walk towards a guerilla republic or something less than our Constitution was made to protect us against.

We saw this when Donald Trump bested Hillary Clinton in the race. Even though we know that DNC was behind much of the rumors concerning Trump and Russia, even though we know her team hired ex-British spy Christopher Steele to write the piece of fiction, Trump is allowed to be attacked as if he were convicted. Likewise, Donna Brazile was attacked horribly by her own party as Democrats have all but disowned the former DNC head for simply telling the truth. Instead of being grateful that she took the risk to expose what she knew, she is vilified and hated by those who once supported her.

This is not the direction that anyone who really thinks about the state of our nation wants to see us go in, no matter what we may think of Mr. Rand Paul and the way in which he chooses to tend to his yard work.