Recently, as the gentle reader may recall, a group called Latino Victory started to run an ad in Virginia that depicted a white, Ed Gillespie supporter attempting to run down minority children with his pickup truck. The Ralph Northam campaign at the time refused to condemn the ad, and its supporters claimed that it accurately reflected the racist nature of Republican Trump supporters.

However, an apparent ISIS-inspired terrorist, an immigrant from Uzbekistan, rented a van from Home Depot and ran down a number of people on a bike path in New York City, killing eight and wounding 15 at the time of this writing.

Latino Victory, without much comment, took down the ad. However, the truck ad, as it is being called, is likely to affect the Virginia Governor’s race and not in the way its purveyors intended.

The New York attack proves who the real enemy is

The attack in New York shows that the real enemy is not a horde of white nationalist, alt.right people, no matter how obnoxious they are, or even their Antifa counterparts. The real enemy is ISIS and similar groups who have a remarkable ability to inspire people to commit murder and mayhem. Vehicular homicide, as several incidents in Europe and now the one in New York prove, has become the favorite method of Islamist terrorists.

Northam and his supporters are now going to have to explain their fixation on a few loud, annoying domestic fanatics and their neglect of foreign terrorists who sincerely want to bring down civilization a few murder victims at a time.

Gillespie has a magnificent opening to show that he, as governor, is best equipped to keep the people of Virginia safe from terrorists.

It looks like Northam supporters compared Virginia voters to ISIS

Inadvertently, the Latino Victory ad compared a great many registered voters in Virginia to ISIS. The ad depicted a white man trying to run down minority children.

An immigrant from Uzbekistan did run down a number of people of all races, including two children from a nearby high school. The people being targeted in the truck ad can safely conclude that they are being compared to ISIS terrorists, the sort of people American led fighters are killing in droves in Syria and Iraq.

People who are innocent of harboring murderous hate but have been accused of doing so will feel naturally resentful.

They can be expected to go to the polls and vote accordingly.

Some evidence exists that the truck ad was run in the first place because of fears that minority Virginian voters were insufficiently enthusiastic about Northam. How the ad will whip up pro-Democratic fervor is now difficult to see.