If North Korea takes out an American city with a nuclear missile, or if the United States has to lose 20,000 servicemen in a preemptive strike to prevent it from doing so, we can safely blame the Democrats. The cause of the North Korean Missile Crisis does not just reside in President Bill Clinton’s misbegotten deal that was supposed to deny Pyongyang the Bomb but actually allowed it to build one. The roots of the calamity we face, now that North Korea has a working ICBM, are in the Democrats’ decades-long jihad against SDI.

The war against Star Wars

When President Ronald Reagan first proposed the Strategic Defense Initiative program, which he described as an effort to make nuclear weapons obsolete, Congressional Democrats derided the proposal as both a fantasy that would never work and too dangerous to deploy. Senator Teddy Kennedy thought he was being clever by calling SDI “Star Wars,” a name that stuck even among proponents of the plan. Missile defenses were never deployed in the 1980s.

However, because the Soviets were well aware of how such a system would negate their status as a military superpower, they began down the road that eventually led to the collapse of the USSR. The Soviets attempted to develop systems that would overcome missile defenses while at the same time conducting disinformation operations to erode support for SDI in the United States.

When those measures didn’t work, Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev attempted to reform Soviet society through his glasnost and perestroika policies. Reform became revolution. The Berlin Wall fell, tyrannical governments in Eastern Europe fell, and the Soviet Union broke apart.

How Obama left America defenseless to a rogue country nuclear strike

One of the more sensible policies that President George W. Bush enacted was to develop Missile Defense systems against rogue nations, such as Iran and North Korea. Bush withdrew from the Nixon-era ABM treaty. He ordered the development of a number of land-based and sea-based anti-missile systems.

He made an agreement with Poland and the Czech Republic to deploy a missile defense system in those countries against Iranian ballistic missiles. Bush started a program to mount megawatt lasers on 747 jets to provide a boost-phase defense.

When Barack Obama came into office he started to dismantle Bush’s missile defense program. He cut overall spending for missile defense. He canceled the airborne laser system and the East European missile defense battery, the latter under pressure from Russia’s Vladimir Putin, who was afraid that it would degrade his country’s ability to threaten its former satellite countries.

As a result, the United States military cannot guarantee that if North Korea were to launch a nuclear strike on the American homeland that it could stop it from happening. The sole choice is now to augment missile defenses as rapidly as possible and, at the same time, prepare for a Second Korean War.