Much like the 2016 presidential campaign, there is no doubt that Donald Trump's running mate Mike Pence is, tested with Trump's daily scandals and controversies. Especially because Pence promoted himself as the purest example of Christianity with his slogan saying he was "a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order." Those who followed Pence suggested that his involvement with the Trump campaign was reason enough for voters to put their support behind the billionaire, even as Trump appeared to reach a new low with the release of a recording of him making lewd comments.

Pence holds more stability with Republicans than Trump

Despite many of these issues, it was baffling to many that Pence continued to show his loyalty and his support after that scandal. Throughout the first year of Trump's presidency, Pence was seen as being stand-offish from those controversies but still useful as being a constant connection to Congressional Republicans. This was because Trump was simply not seen as a stable enough connection. Pence would continue to be tested over the Russia investigation as well as some reports make him look like an accomplice with others in the Trump team who have drawn more attention to themselves, for possibly colluding with Russian officials.

VP Pence creating distance from Trump

Vice President Pence especially drew more attention when he lawyered up in June along with other White House officials, after special prosecutor Robert Mueller was named in May. Politico reported last month in an article titled, "Pence sent lawyer to meet with Mueller over the summer," that the Vice President has been cooperating with Mueller's investigation.

The connection to Pence originates from reports that he had been lied to by former national security adviser Gen. Michael Flynn concerning talks the former adviser had with Russian officials.

More specifically, the controversy with Pence comes from the fact that he repeated the lies that Flynn told him in various interviews.

Many are suggesting that Mueller could be looking into why it took so long for Flynn to resigned. The Vice President was also in the Oval Office when former FBI director James Comey was told by the President told the former FBI Director to let go of his investigation of Flynn after the President had cleared everyone else from the room. It's said that Pence sent his lawyer to meet with Mueller during the summer. It's likely that the Vice President is attempting to create some distance between himself and the President, should the investigation lead to Trump's impeachment.