Nicholas Sparks is known as one of the biggest romance writers in modern history. He is responsible for romances that truly show readers that it's never too late to give up on love. Many romance authors may want to take advice from Sparks when it comes to drafting a best-selling novel and write content the truly captivates the audience. It is clear that Sparks knows his audience as he has managed to create an empire with his romance novels.

As it turns out, Nicholas Sparks has a rule when it comes to developing his Characters. Many people remember the roles from "The Notebook" because of Ryan Reynolds and Rachel McAdams, but people who read the book first may remember these two characters because of their undying love for one another and their truly astonishing love story.

Take advice from the greatest

According to Now Novel, Nicholas Sparks opened up about what he did whenever he needed to develop characters for a new novel. As it turns out, he doesn't go above and beyond to create someone truly extraordinary. As he explains, his characters are relatable and they are just like the Average Joe. He tries to make his character as relatable as possible to his readers and he makes sure that these characters do some extraordinary things to prove their love to their partner or love interest.

For example, in "The Notebook," the main character keeps a diary of his love story with his wife, and he reads it to her every day because she doesn't remember their life together.

Many fans fell in love with this extraordinary act because he went above and beyond to prove his love and devotion to his wife. Even though she kept questioning who he was because she couldn't remember anything from the past, he was dedicated to making her remember their love story. This was an ordinary man doing extraordinary things.

Extraordinary characters could face pressures

It sounds like the method that Nicholas Sparks uses in his novels works well because he is able to create some extraordinary love stories simply by highlighting the amazing things that some of his characters do. He doesn't put pressures on his characters to be extraordinary in terms of personality or social stature.

He is simply showing his readers that the small gestures go a long way. Perhaps this is what is so romantic about his stories.

What do you think about Nicholas Sparks' way of developing his characters for his romance novels? Have you tried doing the same thing?