Hillary Clinton, the twice failed presidential candidate, kicked off the media round for her new book, “What Happened,” with an interview on CBS Sunday with venerable journalist Jane Pauley. The best that can be said about the interview is that it coincided with Hurricane Irma slamming into southwest Florida and thus few people noticed. Otherwise, the interview was a delicious train wreck that caused face palms among the left and eyebrows to raise and jaws to drop among everyone else.

In denial about the ‘basket of deplorables’ remark

One of the signature moments during the campaign that demonstrated the hatred and contempt Clinton feels about a great many Americans was when she called Trump supporters a “Basket Of Deplorables.” Pauley tried to get her to admit that the jibe had been a mistake.

Clinton denied it, maintaining that Trump supporters already had it in for her anyway. She did concede that she might have given Trump a gift. In any case, studies done by her own campaign would seem to suggest that the “basket of deplorables” remark turned off a lot of voters.

I would have won if it hadn’t been for all of those white people

Hillary Clinton admitted that she turned off a lot of white people, but then offered what was blatantly a racist explanation for that lack of support. She started that Trump “was quite successful in referencing a nostalgia that would give hope, comfort, settle grievances, for millions of people who were upset about gains that were made by others.” That statement proves that Hillary Clinton doesn’t get it.

People were not attracted to Trump because they were mad about the gains made by minorities, women, and LGBT people. Most Americans understand that life is not a zero sum game. Voters were turned off by Clinton and flocked to Trump because they believed that they were losing the American dream of security and prosperity because of the corruption and ideological craziness of people like Hillary Clinton.

Trump offered to promise of getting the boot of the elites off of people’s necks and allowing people to prosper again. He pledged to end government policies that denied people the opportunity and impacted their physical safety.

Also, and this cannot be expressed enough, Hillary Clinton lost because most people regarded her as a despicable human being.

From the email server scandal to the way she treated Kathy Shelton and all of the women who had been abused by her husband, to scandals like Whitewater going back 25 years, many voters concluded that Clinton should not be allowed anywhere near power. Donald Trump may be rude, crude, and socially unacceptable, but the fact that he was preferred to her should say something. Hillary Clinton’s whining just drives home the point.