Nikki Haley has been trying to distance herself from running for president but her history in politics betrays her. For an overachiever, running for president seems like a foregone conclusion. The 116th governor of South Carolina has spent most of her adult life in public office.

Since 2004 Haley has been moving up the political ladder. She has been achieving things that nobody thought were within her capabilities to. She won the primary above all odds against Larry Koon. Larry Koon was the longest serving member of the house at that time and her triumph signaled her arrival.

She became The First Indian-American to hold office in South Carolina.

When asked if she would run for office by CNN's Jamie Gangel, Haley answered like every other politician would. She said that she can't imagine herself running for president. This should be taken with a grain of salt. Haley was just trying to be modest. She couldn't categorically say that she was running because it would seem irresponsible.

She is keeping Jon Lerner around

When she finally runs, she wants it to look spontaneous and not a product of years of ambition. The best way to determine the truth about what Haley will do is to look at what she is already doing. Haley kept a small group of trusted aides that worked with her in South Carolina.

One of them is Jon Lerner, a publicity shy pollster.

Jon Lerner helped Haley to become the governor of South Carolina on November 2, 2010. She is obviously keeping him around to continue providing her with the insights that will make her ascension to the White House easier. What other use is a Pollster for an ambassador?

Every politically mindful person will keep people around who can get them into office.

Lerner is about getting people to office and not at running diplomatic offices. She has kept him around to help her get into the white house. Leaders before her have done that and now she is doing it.

Exactly what Hillary Clinton did

Hillary Clinton kept political aides since 2009 because she knew she wanted to run for office.

It was easier to work together on getting there than to scrape up one at the dying minute when mistakes are likely to have already been made.

Haley is at the defining moment of her political career. Her time as US Ambassador will decide if she will keep climbing or crumble. However, if history has taught us anything, it is never to bet against the Tea Party loyalist.

Washington Post's Howard Gutman wrote that Nikki Haley might not be the female president that you expect but she is the one you will get. With President Donald Trump not likely to run for 2020 and Ryan Paul not favored, the road to white house might be closer to Haley than she lets on.