Adding to the narrative of people misbehaving because of Harvey, the diligent folks at Politico have hit upon a scandal so heinous that it puts both Watergate and the Monica Lewinsky affair to shame. It seems that on her way to Marine One to accompany her husband to the Harvey strike zone. Melania Trump, the First Lady of the United States, wore stiletto heels. Politico and some progressive folks clucked about how such footwear was inappropriate to wear to a natural disaster site. Never mind when Ms. Trump emerged from Air Force One she was wearing sneakers, having changed on the plane.

One supposes one can call it ‘Stilettogate?’

Ben Sharpio at the Daily Wire and John Sexton at Hot Air rolled their eyes at the spectacle of northeastern reporters obsessing over the footwear when millions of people are suffering along the Texas Gulf Coast. The pettiness of the kerfuffle was breathtaking. Tens of thousands of individuals have lost their homes. The economic heart of the southwest has been hammered. Yet, the media seems to be enraged by what Melania Trump puts on her feet, such is their zeal to paint her as a kind of latter day Marie Antoinette.

The importance of being well dressed in any situation

Melania Trump is undoubtedly the most attractive, stylish First Lady since Jackie Kennedy.

She seems to be the sort of person, thanks to her experience from her modeling days, who prefers to be well attired in any circumstance, whether when she is hosting a White House reception or slogging through the Texas mud, comforting people who have lost everything. The attitude will serve her in good stead in her public duties as the First Lady of the United States – at least for most people.

What do Texans think?

Texans, especially in the middle of the Harvey strike zone, have foremost in their minds, a two-part question. When is life going to get back to normal and what is it going to take to get there? If the President of the United States appears in their midst promising that help is on the way and praising them for their resilience, his wife can wear Persian slippers or pink cowboy boots for all they care.

Harvey is being seen by many as a chance to get the United States back to being united to a common purpose, which is putting the Gulf Coast back together and trying to find a way that something like Harvey never happens again. Snippy reporters and grotesque celebrities like Chelsea Handler had best get with that program. Otherwise, they will be further marginalized.