The American booboisie generally views political issues through two lenses, Conservative or Liberal. With the transgenders in the military issue, both collectives showed their foolishness by obsessing over minutiae and ignoring the real issues.

Both sides believe they have the moral high ground, but when you measure their arguments against what really matters—our liberty and the Constitution—you see that they are not very moral at all. The moral crusades from these two groups are the result of decades of indoctrination and miseducation in government schools.

Liberal feelings

The liberal side is outraged that the US Military under Trump will discriminate against Transgender people and not allow them to serve. They do not seem to be aware that the US Military has had discriminatory policies over who serves for a long time, or they just don't care. Yes, the military has been discriminating against people with asthma, mental health issues, flat feet, and other conditions for a long time. The discrimination against transgender people is something that the virtue-signaling left cannot bear.

Traditionally the left has been a group of peaceniks, unless their political masters authorized a bombing. If a lefty politician like Bill Clinton or Barrack Obama authorizes violence, then killing is O.K..

Other than that hypocrisy, this group has been very anti-war since the sixties.

The left now cares about the military very much. They are outraged that one of their preferred victim groups will not be allowed to serve and kill for America. They have even argued that the transgender ban will weaken the US Military by not allowing a specific group of Americans to serve openly in the armed forces.

It is odd to me that the left now cares so much about the strength of the military. This group has a history of advocating for military funding to be cut so that the money can be spent on social programs instead.

Since the SJW LGBTQ+ allies now care so much about the strength of our military, why don’t they offer themselves up to be used as cannon fodder?

They were certainly outraged enough to bombard social media with their opinions about how this is bad for the military. Maybe they should sign up to fight since they are worried about our military forces being depleted? They won’t sign up because most liberals aren’t really principled and they don’t care about the military. They’re just trendies who like to add their thumbs up to whatever the social media outrage of the day is.

Conservative applause

Then you have the “conservative” reaction to the transgender ban. And let’s just be honest here, most people who call themselves conservatives are just really supporters of the warmongering neocons. Very few conservatives want a noninterventionist foreign policy or federalism.

The conservative reaction was to applaud the ban and make snarky comments about how it is great for the purity of the military. They made it sound like allowing transgender people to serve would be an immoral act for the military. And of course, they care nothing about all of the immoral acts from the military that have led to millions of civilian casualties in the Middle East. The conservatives don’t want someone to serve and get their genitals cut up by a doctor, but they are fine with having someone serve in an unconstitutional war in the Middle East that get their genitals blown off by a bomb.

Instead of worrying about the gender identity of someone who serves in the military, conservatives should be worried about the wars we are asking our brave men and women to serve in.

Since 9/11 we have been fighting in wars that have not been declared by an act of congress. Therefore, according to the Constitution, these wars are all illegal. These unconstitutional wars put our nation at risk financially and create many enemies all over the world. This was not the vision of the founding generation, yet you don’t really hear anything about this from the conservative side.

You can support the military and still want the military to be used in a manner than fits within the Constitution. Today’s conservatives do not have the limited government views of Thomas Jefferson. They are focused on minor details, not liberty. The useful idiocy of both of these groups has allowed the global ruling class to turn the important issues into an ideological battle for the souls of the American voter.

There is no rational debate with logic and facts. It’s all about picking a side, spewing venom, and hoping your team wins.

The vicious nature of this foolish political battle is a distraction from the big picture issues Americans should care about. We are fighting too many undeclared wars, they cost too much money, and these wars have nothing to do with keeping people safe or defending/protecting the Constitution.

War is a racket that only benefits a well-connected group of elites. We are all getting screwed over by these undeclared wars and this is an issue that is much more important than transgender people serving in the military.