I heard about all the things they said about my generation. The previous gen isn't positive about us. We are what they call entitled, lazy and weak -- a broad over-generalization of such a Large Group. Criticizing the young Generation is nothing new. It has been that way since ancient Greece and I'm pretty sure before that too. One day millennials will criticize generation Z, and so on.


To be fair, all generations have had their flaws and all generations aren't going to be flawless. We always seem to look around us and see the youth of today doing what everyone does nowadays and point out their supposed flaws.

We often remember the good old days and we end up telling ourselves how good everything used to be. Life was simply better. But in reality it wasn't that great. What if you realize that the songs back in the 90's weren't your favorite kind of music and you used to complain about it all the time? That, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call nostalgia.

It makes you think of the past as this wonderful world without social media, Netflix, and countless selfies. The older generation feels a sense of loss when the world around them is changing. The world is changing constantly and sometimes we all want to go back to the world we grew up in.


Every generation has their own values and ideas. The older generation has opposing ideas and values when compared with the next generation.

For example, Generation X has had opposing ideas and values when compared with millennials. This has caused some friction between these two different generations. Generations are affected by different world events in their lifetime, thus creating different values than the previous generation.

Why we criticize other generations

Yes, we have different values and different things going on in our lives. We are raised differently and all of us are a little nostalgic. We blame the older generation for our hardships that we have to face. Yes, we millennials are living with our parents way too long, we rely more on technology and most of us are depressed.

All these things aren't our fault. The economy isn't what it used to be, everything is more expensive. Things like student loans, the housing market, and a competitive job market doesn't make it much easier in today's world. I'm not saying that Generation X is to blame for all of this. Maybe we should stop blaming each other and stereotyping a large group of individuals. We all have to deal with ageism. We all criticize each other for the way we think and what we do. We are all doing the best we can.