According to the American Interest, when Indian Prime Minister narendra modi visits Israel it will constitute a breakthrough in relations between the two countries. The visit will represent a diplomatic triumph for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and a defeat for the Palestinians and the Arab Middle East states. Israel and India will forge military and commercial ties that will profoundly change the geopolitical position of both countries.

Arms sales from Israel to benefit India in her confrontation with Pakistan

Israel has developed as considerable defense industrial establishment during its decades’ long conflict with its Middle Eastern neighbors and has the hardware to sell to interested parties.

India is particularly interested in missile defense equipment with which to ward off a nuclear attack from Pakistan in the case of another war with the Muslim country. Israel has such technology with its triple layered system that is designed to defend against everything from rockets fired by Hama and Hezbollah to a nuclear strike from Iran. Israel also has some cyber war capabilities which it has used to stymie Iran’s nuclear program for sale.

Israel and Iran forge commercial ties

Modi is bringing the CEOs of a number of Indian companies on his trip to Israel. India is especially interested in agricultural technology that Israel has used to grow more crops with less water, something that will be of great use for the task of feeding that country’s increasing population.

Israel has also developed desalination technology that India may find a use for.

Aerospace cooperation

India has its own space program, having sent probes to the moon and Mars. Israel has launched its own satellites, but the only space exploration effort it has is a private effort by SpaceIl to land a probe on the moon in the Google Lunar XPrize competition.

Ties with India provide Israel an opportunity to enter the civilian space sector with the potential of joint space missions in the future.

Israel as a major Asian power

Israel has undergone difficulties with Europe because of the obsession of some European countries with the Palestinians. The Jewish state has started to forge ties with countries in Asia such as India to enhance its commercial and geopolitical position.

It has become a natural gas exporter, thanks to offshore discoveries, with distinct advantages that imply.

Thanks to the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States, Israel’s traditional alliance with the United States, which had suffered some strains during the Obama administration, has undergone a revival. As a result, Israel’s power and influence are starting an upswing that will affect politics in the Middle East and beyond in profound ways.