In a world that has seemingly rejected the mere concept of Islam, Halal beauty has somehow been sanctioned. Oh, how some of us had never imagined that skin ingested haram products. From foundation to lipstick to nail polish, a Halal beauty journey has been on the rise. Strides such as these prove that representation and access to certain products allow for not only an attempt at ‘normalizing’ minority groups but also catering to the differences in a way that obviates the issue of yielding one's’ beliefs.

Can Halal products normalize Islam?

In the past, there have been isolated attempts at seeking the halal certification for Beauty Products. As we put into context the current political setting the ideas that Halal Beauty is ascending, speaks to the way in which society handles prejudices.

As the world makes halal beauty more accessible, we may find that such actions have bearing on the way in which society assesses their humanity. As society gives space for Muslim people to adhere to their religious beliefs more easily it has the potential to remove the stigma of inferiority, oppression, and danger that the world correlates with Islam.

To compare this Halal movement to the vegan movement, popularity of the movement provided manifold accessibilities. The attention to vegan products precipitated that other respect of the way of life and was informative for the general public. At the same time, the focus on providing vegan products, which ranged from food to beauty products it in a way ‘normalized’ the differences that arise in response to individuals’ ways of life.

At the same time, the focus on providing products to vegans meant that vegans were a valuable part of society, who demanded that their way of life be honored.

Giving space for everyone

Now with mainstream beauty brands offering attention to halal products, it enhances the way in which followers of Islam experience in society.

Thus, there is now space for a discussion of what it really means to Muslim. For both Muslim men and women, the mere mention of halal suggests that Islam is a way of life. For myself, the awakening of halal beauty is no isolated event. This movement for Halal certified beauty products is puissant enough to challenge the perils of Islamophobia in its face.

Access can be the key to overcoming social issues. Now Muslimahs and Muslim men can add to their beauty Halal style! #HalalBeauty