If you told me there were men in Congress saying things like this, my instinct would be to assume you're making a joke.

But alas, it's not the first time, and sadly won't be the last. Some GOP members in Congress don't think they should have to pay for Prenatal Care as an Essential Benefit in their healthcare plans. They've said it before, and they've been called out on it before, and yet still don't seem to be able to make the connection between "family" and "healthy baby."

This time, it's Texas Representative Pete Olson on a radio show, insisting that prenatal care as an essential benefit is ridiculous for men because men can't have babies.

Does this include his own family?

Rep. Olson, who is married with two children, seems to think he shouldn't have to pay for the prenatal care that so many mothers and children, including his own wife and children, are in need of as they build a family. Even though men play somewhat of a role in the creation of human beings, his attitude would suggest that anything happening after seed meets egg is no longer his problem.

As long as we're not paying for things we don't use, perhaps he could propose that women should no longer have to pay for prostate care. Maybe anyone who is unable to have children should no longer have to pay for anything related to pregnancy. If one of his kids has a mental illness or gets hooked on drugs and needs rehab, why should I have to pay for it?

Because I'm a part of a community we call a nation, and frankly because the health of other people is ultimately important to my own health. That's why we all get vaccines.

This line of thinking also seems to betray the very essence of how insurance markets work. The point of insurance in any field is that we all pool our money to cover the services that other people might need with the promise that it will be there when we need it.

If his point is to say prenatal care doesn't count for him because he won't personally use it, he's insinuating that the health of pregnant women and babies is not important to him.

Not this cowboy's first rodeo

Rep. Olson is no stranger to getting himself in trouble on the radio, especially when he's being interviewed on Sam Malone's radio show.

In case you're wondering, it's not that Sam Malone from Cheers...I checked. Though their attitudes towards women may not be far apart.

Olson recently also suggested on Malone's show that former President Bill Clinton murdered his aide, Vince Foster, and that he threatened the same to Loretta Lynch at the infamous meeting on the tarmac.