The debate over what is considered a Terrorist Attack made its way into the public arena again with Monday's assault on a group of Muslims outside of their North London mosque. Some would argue that most terrorist attacks are committed by radicalized extremists under the Muslim banner while others will say that even Muslims themselves are targeted by their own. In most cases, an attack would have to be politically motivated to resemble terror. The recent attack was instigated by a white nationalist who was not a Muslim. He drove a large van into a crowd of Muslims.

Cressida Dick's declaration

This person was accused of committing a terrorist act after taking it upon himself to go after "terrorists" which to him were clearly anyone who practices Islam. It was reported that police officers who arrived on the scene declared within 10 minutes of their arrival that the incident was indeed a terrorist attack. The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Cressida Dick, stood next to the city's first Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan to declare outright that it was a terrorist attack and an attack on Muslims. Here is a clip of her statement published by the Telegraph.

Cressida also shares some similarities with Mayor Khan who is London's first Muslim mayor. Cressida is the city's first female commissioner to lead the MET, the largest police force in the country.

The Telegraph wrote a thorough article about Cressida in June titled: " Why Cressida Dick is the woman of the moment" where she was applauded for being a true reformer. She's also noted to be the woman the city might look towards rather than Prime Minister Theresa May as she's currently fallen out of favor with Brits. This followed the parliamentary election and the tragedy at last week's Grenfell Tower fire.

Cressida is like England's James Comey

Some have even suggested that Cressida becomes the next Prime Minister. The article also suggests that her straight-shooter style has even won over those who prefer male leaders. However, much like the talk that tends to revolve around former FBI Director James Comey about his lack of involvement in politics, Cressida is known to avoid it.

No doubt, her declaration that the recent attack was targeting Muslims and that it was a terrorist attack will send waves of anger through the Right who are quicker to apply the term "terrorist attack" when it comes from one with a darker skin tone. Cressida was also at the scene of previous attacks that were claimed by ISIS. She made supportive statements and even fended off the view from American conservatives that more officers should be armed. Cressida Dick took a $40,000 pay cut to become commissioner.