If you are unfamiliar with Bassem Youssef, then let me get you caught up. Bassem Youssef was the host of the satirical news program “Al-Bernameg”. In English, Al-Bernameg literally means the the show. Oddly enough, this name was very representative of the future success of the show because it had became the most popular series in Egypt. Bassem Youssef had been compared to Jon Stewart for his satirical humor and strong opinions about the Egyptian Government.

Sadly, Bassem Youssef had left Egypt due to the government having their own strong opinions about him.

He currently is the host of “Democracy Handbook” on Fusion and is aired on Youtube, open access to all. Bassem Youssef should enter American Television and become the host of his own Talk Show in the United States.

America needs an entertainer that they can connect with the Middle East

I am not going to sugar-coat it, The United States has an issue with Islamophobia. It has become a relevant issue since the 9/11 attacks. The concern with this is that it affects the lives of actual American Muslim citizens and how the country engages with the Middle East. The country as a whole does not fully understand the people who come from these areas. Instead, we fear engaging with these nations and their citizens due to our irrational fear of terrorism.

So, does anyone in the United States actually know a Middle Eastern person?

Having a big icon and model to introduce American citizens to the Middle East may ease citizen’s perception and show them that maybe not all Muslims hate us. I nominate Bassem Youssef for that position. Bassem Youssef brings a brand of humor that just may be perfect to show America that Muslims don’t come with bombs but can make you laugh.

His political satire has done a fantastic job of pointing out how the United States relates to the Egyptian government. That could be what America needs to be great again.

Bassem Youssef is funny and talented

If you are not familiar with either “Al-Bernameg” or “Democracy Handbook”, then I promise you that Bassem Youssef will make you laugh by pointing out the humor in politics.

In his show, “Democracy Handbook”, Youssef engages in U.S politics and gives a Muslim's perspective on it. It is in english, so if you were concerned about having to learn Arabic to understand the show, don’t be. Youssef proves he is a very intelligent, funny man and that speaking English isn’t difficult for him.

In the third episode of “Democracy Handbook”, Youssef discusses how great of a leader Donald Trump is by giving a marvelous comparison to some of the well-known Middle Eastern Dictators. He even travels to my lovely home state to prove how red Georgia is. Luckily for Bassem Youssef, if there is one thing Trump has made great again then it is the art of political satire. What better time then now to jump into nation-wide political comedy?

So Americans, we should open our homes to a Muslim man and let’s listen to what he has to say about the United States and the Middle East. Just maybe, Bassem Youssef will make you feel safe flying with a Muslim. Unless you are flying United Airlines, then good luck.