Kim Kardashian, 36, disappointed her followers with the dress she wore at Met Gala as it was extremely simple. Fashion critics say the dress is more suited for a sunset on the beach than for an event as important as the MET Gala. The gown was designed by Vivienne Westwood, 76, a British artist who stands out for creating avant-garde design dresses, much better than the one she made for the socialite. Kim's dress, white and tight, had nothing to do with the amazing style to which the reality superstar has accustomed us. Many began to wonder why the celebrity used a style so different to the one she usually flaunts and many believe it is due to the changes that Kim applied in her personal life.


Kim's life changed a lot after she suffered a violent robbery in Paris last year. From that moment, she began to give more importance to family and less to material goods. The white dress reflects the simplicity Kim prefers for her life these days. In fact, she didn't wear jewelry this important MET Gala event. In a recent interview she gave at the Ellen DeGeneres Show, the reality superstar confessed that she is now less materialistic than before, "thanks" to the robbery she suffered in France. Although she thinks it is right to want to have certain material goods and to work hard for them, she no longer believes that is the most important thing in life.

What happened to Kanye West?

For the first time, Kim attended the MET Gala alone and everyone wanted to know why her husband, Kanye West, 39, was absent at such an important party.

The truth is that the music mogul stayed at home, taking care of their children North, 3, and Saint, 1. The decision was taken by him as he wanted to spend more time with them. In addition, the rapper wants to avoid situations of high exposure as they are not good for his mental health. In November of last year, West suffered a temporary psychotic outbreak due to stress and sleep deprivation.

The doctors recommended he work less and rest more. West is a workaholic man, so it was impossible for him to follow that advice. He continued to create music and design clothing for Adidas. In addition, he added a new activity to his daily life: he is designing jewels for Jacob & Co. The collection consists of twelve pieces of rings and necklaces. Kim is his greatest inspiration when it comes to creating jewelry. The socialite is proud of him and loves all his creations.