John McCain was the Republican presidential candidate against Barak Obama. He lost but has continued to be an important leader of the party. The GOP leader at various times has taken pot shots at the president. In an interview with ABC, the senator made a bizarre comment. He stated:" Putin is the premier and most important threat, more so than the ISIS." He went on to add that the Russian leader tried to influence the presidential election. In this, he has been echoing the line of thought of Trump's opponents who are alleging a Russian connection.

John McCain

McCain is also the chairman of the House Defense Committee and is a known hawk against Russia. He was captured by the Viet Cong in Vietnam and spent the rest of the war as a POW till the peace accord. Probably he feels this gives him the license to be an expert on military matters. Trump had castigated him for becoming a POW.

John McCain is into his last term as senator. The senator sometimes makes bizarre comments. His observation on Putin being a greater threat than the ISIS comes in this category. At a look beneath the veneer of McCain's actions, one can see an anti-Trump line. The senator leaves no stone unturned to try to pull down the president. During this interview, he also said he was alarmed at Russia trying to influence the election.

He has gone on to say he is perturbed that Jared Kushner, the president's son in law tried to set up a communication line to Moscow.

McCain and Trump

McCain sometimes appears to be a man with an ax to grind. Probably he has not adjusted to the reality of Trump winning the presidency. His loss weighs on him and he goes and makes statements hoping they will pull down Trump.

The senator is one of the consistent leaders of the GOP who criticize Trump every now and then.The senator has always opposed Trump and he was certainly not elated when Trump got the nomination.

Despite all the statements of McCain, the president has had two successful visits abroad. For the first time, a US president reminded the allies about their responsibilities.

His independent approach has rattled Germany and France. Both nations have for long been riding piggyback on US power and money. That is the reason the German chancellor stated that Europe must think beyond relying on the USA and the UK.

Trying to weaken the president

By making such statements, in a way Senator McCainlowers his credibility. His attempt to weaken the president may end up making him stronger but many feel he behaves oddly when he makes statements that are devoid of reality. His one aim is to undermine the president.