A majority of Americans are already sick of Trump, they’ve marched against him, they’ve protested many of his orders, and they can’t stand his twitter feed. It’s only going to get worse from here. The great pivot never came and never will; Trump will always be one hand on Twitter while the other signs an order. The longer Trump keeps being Trump the more sick people are going to become and the more liberals will gain.

The campaign

Donald Trump has shown his personality a thousand different ways throughout his time in the public eye. In the eighties and nineties, he appeared on different talk shows, had some best-selling books including "The Art of the Deal," and also had some high-profile marriages that took up the front page of many a supermarket paper.

Then in the early 2000’s the world was introduced to Donald Trump the reality T.V star. His show “The Apprentice” was huge, it had massive ratings, and made him a mega star. People forgot about the hundreds of different Trump deals that failed, and saw him as a star. If it weren’t for that TV show he probably never would have been able to run for president.

Trump would have had the money to run and maybe could have gotten some support but it wouldn’t have been covered by every network the way it was. Only Donald Trump really knows why he ran for president. We all have our theories, that maybe he just wanted a bigger contract from NBC, maybe he was motivated by all the jokes that were made about him during the White House correspondence dinner, or maybe he was just an old angry guy.

Through all the speeches and rallies, Trump didn’t run on a platform, he ran on his celebrity status while occasionally throwing in a vague ideas. His personality won him the Electoral College. But what Trump ignores is the fact he lost the popular vote by nearly three million votes. The other thing Trump is forgetting is his supporters want action and results, but he could start to lose them as fast as he gained them.

Failed military operations, poor appointees, assault on the press, millions of people losing their health care, and privatizing social security and other entitlement programs will all affect many of his voters in ways they didn’t understand. When the jobs don’t come back and his lies start to effect lives, his voters will turn on him.

He is already at a historically low rating, in the next four years we’ll see how much lower he sinks.

The democrat turn around

Trump will bring down the republicans in the 2018 and 2020 races and not just the ones that supported him. Anyone running for office with an “R” next to their name will be brought down because Trump is now the face of their party. We’re already seeing it in special elections in ruby red districts of Georgia and Kansas; both have had strong democrat support in ways that they never have before. Trump brought out a lot of voters that had never voted before, but republicans can’t bet those voters will show up in 2018 or 2020 races. The Americans who are sick of Trump will vote for anybody with a D next to their name and that will lead to massive turn over.

democrats are doing a few things right now, licking their wounds, protesting, and getting ready for 2020. The lesson democrats need to learn is “next up” politics don’t work. Just because a candidate has been a loyal high profile democrat for decades doesn’t mean they should automatically be the candidate. Democrats have to let the process play out, and can’t play favorites. Democrats didn’t play a favorite in 2008 and looked how it worked out. They took the white house with Barack Obama, who’s only moment on the national stage had been a speech at the DNC a few years earlier.

Unlike 2016’s democrat field, the 2020 field will be full. There will be tons of candidates trying to work their way in so don’t be surprised if it’s as high as fifteen or more.

They all won’t be big name candidates, Warren might run, maybe Bernie will again, Corey Booker will probably be in the race too, but the candidate will be someone no one’s talking about yet or even thinking about. American’s will be so sick of Trump that if the democrats let their base choose the candidate, American’s will vote for them.

Both 2018 and 2020 will be a direct reaction to Trump. When everything turns around democrats will have a liberal super majority. Programs that make college cheaper and universal health care will be voted for by congress with ease. The political landscape is changing, the American populations are shifting, young people are voting, the liberal voice is becoming united, and Trump is everything those voices are against. The republicans have bought a broken candidate and there’s no way to return him. President Donald J. Trump will make America great again by helping to create a unified liberal America.