The tension in the Korean waters has risen. The Americans have reinforced their armada with a nuclear-powered submarine. This submarine has docked in the South Korean port of Pusan for hull examination. The submarine is capable of carrying out special operations as well as fire cruise missiles. North Korea has upped the ante and yesterday hundreds of artillery guns carried out a live firing drill.

The North also has about ten nuclear warheads and hundreds of missiles that can reach the South and Japan. North Korea have said an American attack will not be a localized affair and will spread to South Korea and Japan.

Military analysists are of the opinion that in the case of an American attack on the North, it will not stop the march to become a nuclear power. It will bring terrible suffering to the Korean Peninsula.Thousands of civilian deaths could take place. In such a scenario a successful first strike by the US can only be termed pyrrhic.

Attacking the North

The Americans probably are working on several options, and one of them could be the assassination of the Korean Dictator Kim Jong. It's not easy, but the Americans have carried out similar executions earlier. A simple military assault will not bring any results and will most likely severely affect South Korea which is an ally of the US. Japan also could be affected.

One thing for sure the Chinese are not going to sit back and allow the US to overthrow Kim Jong. One wonders what purpose will be served by a preemptive strike on North Korea

Matter is serious

The issue is serious, and Washington has called all congressman to the White House for a briefing on Korea on Wednesday.The security council is activated.

As the Americans get ready to launch a preemptive strike on North Korea, the matter will not end there.

The North will attack the south, and the obvious target will be Seoul. It is the capital of South Korea and only 38 miles from the border. Nearly one hundred thousand Americans reside in Seoul. Also, 28000 troops man the DMZ.

Nobody can be sure how many American lives will be lost.

Donald could attack Syria with impunity because it was a weak power. The scenario in the Korean peninsula is different because North Korea is not Syria. In a war with the US, the North will lose. But like Samson the Biblical Hero, it will drag South Korea and perhaps Japan down the path of destruction. The American think tank will have to keep all these prospects in mind.

Best option

Military analysists are of the opinion that striking North Korea may not bring the desired results. The better course of action would be to talk to the North and Kim Jong directly. The Korean Dictator is an egotist, and it is possible to wean him away from China.

There is not much love between the Koreans and the Chinese. The Korean Peninsula was a part of the Chinese Empire 1000 years back. The best course of action would be to stoke the embers of Korean nationalism and bring the North into the mainstream of world politics.Setting the entire Korean Peninsula ablaze is not the best of options